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Imnunisation - to do or not! Lock Rss

I recently read an amazing book on immunisation called What your doctor may NOT tell you about childrens vaccinations. It was a real eye opener and I am glad it delved into vaccinations and so called associations. My sister has a child with severe autism and she swears there was a change in his demeanor and behaviour after the MMR vaccine. I have spoken to many ladies with autistic children and they too, feel their child changed after vaccinations. I understand it is a risk not getting your child vaccinated but I worry that in 10 years time more studies will be done on vaccines and they will be linked to many learning disabilities etc. This book (altough American) highlights the deadly chemicals put into live vaccines eg, Mercury. My doctor strongly advised me to vaccinate rather than suffer the consequences of my child developing these diseases. i would love to know people's thoughts or experiences about immunisation and if there are many people who aren't getting their kids needles!

Sonia mum of Jessie

I had also heard about the link of vaccinations at 4 years and autism. I asked my doctor about this when my DD was due for hers and she said, it hasn't been studied enough to know anything for certain and 4 years is when most children are diagnosed with autism - vaccinated or not. She also said not having immunisations is a huge risk, not only for your child but for the community cos if large numbers of children arn't getting them, then these diseases will re-occur.

It's a tough one and I guess only time will tell!!

I understand your fears about immunizing your kids. I believe it is a personal choice.
Two of my cousins almost died because they werent immunised so thats why ill be immunizing my child .

Ronan is the boy 26/04/2006

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