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worried about mini pill Lock Rss

Hi all,
What I'm about to write might sound stupid but I'm a little concerned.
I was prescribed the mini pill last week and it is 'Microlut'. It's not the same brand I used after I had my first baby so I read the information sheet in the box. It says that this pill "MAY NOT" affect your milk supply and then something about it getting into your milk supply and passed to baby. just wondering if anyone else has taken this before or is taking it, and was it ok for them and did it affect your feeding or baby?
Also, after I had my first baby I didn't get my period until I stopped breastfeeding at 8mths even on the mini pill, this time I got, what I think is my period, 2 days after starting this microlut! my baby is now 10wks.

I started Microlut when Ben was 4 weeks. I suspect it might have affected the taste of my milk coz Ben was unsettled for a day or two, but otherwise I've noticed no difference at all.

I also got my period 2 days after starting the mini pill which really annoyed me as I bled for 7 weeks then went on to a period. They didn't come back for 6 months after my last baby breastfeeding and without the pill. I was hoping to have a good break from them. Also the amount passed on through breast milk from the pill doesn't affect the baby in any way. So my chemist told me.

julia,mum of Lauren, Lindy & Stevie

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