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Length of first period Lock Rss

It has been 7 weeks since i gave birth to my son with no period. But yesterday i has some slight spotting. May-be 3-4 very pale spots and nothing since. Is this my period or what on earth is it??
Any advice would be greaty appreciated.


I had my period for 7 weeks after my daughter was born... and as I was breastfeeding didnt get my period again until she was 3 months...

Now that I have stopped breastfeeding gone back to regular sad

Had your period stopped from the first initial period you get after birtH? mayb that is still it???j


Hi Sharon,
It has now been 9 weeks for me without period. I had a few spots about 3 weeks ago but nothing since. Although it is strange I am really not complaining. My baby gets his 2 months vaccination in a few days and I will talk to the doctor then but don't worry too much I am sure everything is just fine.
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