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stretch marks Lock Rss

hi, i was wondering if anyone has found a product to help reduce stretch marks after the birth of there baby.
during my pregnancy i did use creams on my tummy and my tummy has no marks but i did not think i would get them on my bum, boobs or the front of my legs.
i used baby oil, africa spa (from the body shop)
garniare body lotions and palmers stretch mark cream. i will keep trying differant things but if anyone knows a cream that did work for them please let me know.
thank you
[email protected]
Do you have Bio-Oil in Australia?? It is designed specifically for scars and stretch marks. Otherwise Vitamin E oil concentrate is really effective at fadding stretch marks.

Good Luck I managed to avoid marks on my tummy too but got good ones on my breasts, but they have faded now thanks to Bio-oil

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months


Yes, you can get Bio-oil in just about any Chemist.

I too used Palmers Stretch mark cream on my tummy while pregnant and have no stretch marks there but I didn't think to put it anywhere else and I have terrible marks on my outer thighs.

I've been using Bio-oil for about 4 weeks now and it seems to be making a real difference. I've just finished the first bottle of it and I've gone and bought another one. I think if I keep it up they will eventually fade nearlly right away (I don't think they ever go completely).

I use it morning and night.

Hope this helps.

Keira's Mum - March 2006

Hi there Cassandra

I too need some advice on stretch mark creams etc.. I tried Cocoa Butter that seemed to help a little but sinc havin bub the ones that were faint on my tummy can be seen more. I also have pretty dark ones on my hips n front of my legs sad .

If u find out any can u let me know. I will do the same smile .My msn is [email protected]

Bec xox smile .
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