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How much weight did you lose at birth? Lock Rss

hello, wow i am totally jealous of all of yous that have lost your baby weight. Well Done. me on the other hand i put 20kgs on durning pregnancy and have only lost 9kgs. im breast feeding but it doesnt seem to be helping much. im even to scared to hop on to the scales again as last time i had put 2kgs back on. i knew it was going to take me awhile to go back to my pre preggie weight but i was still hoping that i might be able to squeeze into some of my old clothes. i might be dreaming for awhile smile
i put on 20kg and lost 22kg in the first 3 weeks my little boy is now 4 months old and i have lost a further 8 kg i am smaller then what i was before i had a child i have been taking these weight loss pills i have a post up about them have a look i have the sellers email address if you would like it definatly worth a try guys
Hi Jodie,

I was just reading your post and all the responses about people loosing their weight straight away - that just sux!!!

I have a 5 1/2 yr old by CS and I have put on 22kg during pregnancy. I started of at 51kg. I got home after 5 days and lost a pathetic 5kg! It took some 6 months to loose most of the weight but it wasn't till about a year and a half that I was back to a happy 54kg.

Seven weeks ago I had my second baby also by CS and I put on 31kg (yes you read right!)and now I only lost 16kg with 15 still to go.

My point is there are people like us that simply take longer to loose weight so hang in there - there is a light at the end of the tunnel:-)


I weighed 62kgs before getting pregnant. I end up with pre-eclampsia and my last weight before being induced I was 83.5kgs!! A lot of it was fluid. I am now 67kgs. I believe I weighed around 70kgs when I left the hospital - but I was looking 5 months pregnant. I really want to lose 16kgs. My daughter is now 3 months and I haven't lost a kilo since sad.

Hi there

With my first daughter i put on 33kg's went to 108 which was the biggest shock of my life as i had never been over 80kgs in my life. I took me almost 2 years to get it off and when i did finally get the last kg off i found out i was pregnant with number 2, luckily i only put 13kgs on with her and walked out of the hospital in my normal jeans, I am now pregnant with number 3 and have managed to lose 13kg at the beginning thanks to the joys of morning sickness and have so far only put 5back on so fingers are crossed that i lose all that at the birth as they tell me she is already about 8lb and i still have 4 weeks to go.

wub wub I'm back! Recommitting to my health and I'm starting out (again ) in the 180's.

Check my bio

My sister lost around 15 kg after her first baby.
I put on 11kgs during my pregnancy. I weighed myself when I got home and each day after. I lost the 11kgs within 2 days, then dropped 4 more kgs in the following week. I had a forceps delivery and lost a lot of blood. Plus since giving birth 10 days ago, I've lost my appetite.. that's probably contributed too. My husband is having to force me to eat! Ha!
I lost around 10kgs that time but after a month or two, I gain more. Hope I can get back my sexy body.
I lost ~11.5kg by Week 3-4, this was after a c-section. I put on ~18kg during the pregnancy thou and my boy came out at 4.4kg (9.7pounds) so there was a lot of my pregnancy to carry.
Hey Jodie, I had a cesarean as well, I gained 3kg during my pregnancy and lost 17kgs in my first week home, I have since put on 4 or 5 kg's and it is nearly 6 weeks past delivery. I had gestational diabetes and a large amount of fluid retention and my daughter came out weighing 3920gms.
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