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Baby boy - Circumcision?? Lock Rss

Hey, just wondering on what people's thoughts are on circumcision. I'm expecting my second boy in 2 weeks. My first boy was done at one week of age and I really want this baby done aswell,

All the men on both the fathers side and my side are all circumcised, and we are both for it.

My nephew isn't circumcised and has had soo many problems.

Everyone I talk to about it is against it, and it's getting really hard to find a DR who will perform one..

Any thoughts or horror stories???

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05


Go for it Girl

If i would have had a boy i would have had him done as well,
i already got the doctor's address just in case
Just doit as early as posibel

i also think it is more estatic if they are done (in latter life once the have girlfriends (i at least prefere them anyway

good luck

Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005


go for it & get it done if you want.

Im getting my boy done wednesday.
if you need the neame of a doctor in western sydney, i can tell you the one doing mine.

Sydney, BJ born 28.01.05 CJ born 17.08.06


But i live if western QLD. The Dr who did my first boy is going to be on holidays for a while, and as I'm due in 1 week, its going to be a bit hard.

I wanted to have this boy done as quickly as possible. I might have to travel to find someone else who will do it. It's getting harder and harder to find someone, the hospital Dr's wont do it now..

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

Have just had a baby boy and after much debating and info searching have decided not to go for the chop. Was informed by medical practitioners that there are more complications from having it then not, that with the current trends all boys done in next 5 years will be a minority anhd poosibly teased at school where as it was opposite when our hubbies where at school. Just food for thought!

SA, 28mth & 1mth babies

i was going to have my boy done but decided against it. did you know that less than 3% of baby boys born are done??? that is like nothing. i dont think it is needed theese days as if you are keeping them clean then they will be fine. i understand that there are religuas reasons for it then thats fine but i dont think it should be done for cosmetic reasons and that is mainly the reason for it. just because your hubbys done is not the reason you should have them done (by the way my hubby is done)
i think its a painfull thing they dont need, i know people say it doesnt really hurt but believe me it does. if they cry it hurts. i do think the old way of using the bell thing and the skin falling of was ok but now they cut them. no anisetic either.
but at the end of the day its personal choice.
but just remember kids are so nasty


i was gonna have my boy done as my hubby is done but cause there are hardly any males with it done these days, when he gets older he will be normal. the only problem they can have is urinary tract infections more often..if to many than they do it as an operation when the boy is older.
other than there arny problems cept if the mum doesnt know how tp handle her un chopped boy and tries to pull the foreskin that creates problems.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Thanks for your thoughts. In the end, I decided not to have it done. My boy is now 5 weeks old, and have had problems with breastfeeding. Mastitis, thrush, cracked and bleeding etc. I wanted to get my feeding right, before having him done, so that if he wanted to be on the breast all day afterwards, it wouldn't be too painful for me.

But in the end, I decided against it. This is our 4th boy and all the others are done. My hubby is done and all of my brothers were done. Much to my mothers disgust, he will be the 'odd one out'.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

Hi there im getting my boy done. He is now 3.5 months old and i have to wait until he is 6 months and for him to go under a general. Im not too sure of anything more than that im going to talk to my dr who's doing it next week. Its not really fair though to wait this long but i really want it done due to hiegine etc.


Hi, I got my little boy done yesterday. He was 8 days old. It was emotionally hard (for me) coz he was so upset but he didn't take long to calm down (with a feed). I know it sounds barbaric to do but I really do feel it is for the best when it comes to hygiene etc. I really do not want to be asking him when he is 10 years old "are you cleaning it properly?" I don't really think that is appropriate.
They say that majority of boys don't get it done now, but, that can change once they see the potential problems from that later in life. I mean, there are so many 'new' things on the medical market, when it comes to ideas on things and new drugs etc, that are safe and recommended to take, only to find out when it has had more time to prove itself that it is harmful and dangerous and best to avoid it at all costs.
I did my little boy yesterday coz I reckon it is best and less traumatic to do so when very little than when he is older. Quite a lot of older boys/toddlers end up with problems and it is very traumatic to get the problem fixed later in life. How do you know if your boy is going to be one of them with a problem? If it gets done, you know he won't have a problem. It is interesting to note that my husband did not get it done, and he in some ways wishes that he did as he reckons that it would be best to be done. He has not had any problems either.
Apparently if they are done on the 8th day, their vit k levels are at their highest, and for some reason or other they feel the least amount of pain - so to do on the 8th day is not a bad thing if anyone is out there contemplating it.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Thanks Linda, it has given me something to think about. Flynn is now 8 weeks old, so it's probably too late and I'll have to wait till he's at older now anyway.

I dont know, hubby and I have never really discussed it. With all of my breastfeeding problems (which I'm still doing) it just sort of slipped by the way side.

Maybe its something for us to think about when he's a bit older. On that note, my 2 year old nephew isn't done and he has had problems.

Thanks again for all of you advise. It's such a touchy subject for some people and others seem to get it done as more of a traditional thing.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

Hubbie expressed his desire to have Jacob "done" because he was "done" but I didn't like it from the start.

I investigated the options for this in Brisbane and was advised it would cost $400 of which I would only get back approx $100 - which basically made the decision for us - NO WAY! - can't imagine why a Dr would charge this much for such a small peice of skin to be cut off! - MEDICARE FRAUD!!!!!!!

But after discussing the matter (admitting that $$ was a factor) - if you educate and teach you sons the hygiene and cleanliness - it really shouldn't be a problem - I didn't like the idea from the start because of the pain aspect - but little did my hubbie understand that in "his day" they did it within 24 hours of birth - now its usually 2-4 weeks after birth.

So again - I'm not the best person to ask for a "positive" approach to this debate cause I'm not for it at all!~
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