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Terrified Lock Rss

Im a single mum who had my son Parker 6weeks ago, i want to have sex again but im terrified that it will hurt and too embarrassed about jelly belly and below! Help!! Any advice or just some piece of mind would be appeciated. sad

Sarah, SA, 6week baby

Hi Sarah,
I remember feeling just the way you do about sex. The doctors say to wait at least 6 weeks. But I would wait untill you feel ready. Because I had a tear on 1 side it took quite a while untill it didnt hurt anymore. 8 months or so. Just experiment because some positions hurt and some didnt. And about jelly belly... he knows how you got that!!!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Sarah,
Don't worry. If you have a loving partner they shouldn't care how you look and should be understanding if you need to take it slow or can't go through with it (even if you're half way through). I had stitches when my son was born and the first time my hubby and I had sex (5wks after) it hurt a bit and I had to take things very slowly (didn't finish). He was very caring. With my daughter I didn't have any stitches and the first time (4wks after) was pain free. I think the more you're worried about it, the more tense you'll be. Try to enjoy foreplay (and alot of it) and relax. Massage, cuddling - You know!!!
It won't be the same as before straight away.-but hey! - You have just given birth!

The main thing is to relax and try to be comfortable. I hope this has helped.

Good luck, Relax, Enjoy.


Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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