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Pains down there... Lock Rss

Hello to all!
This is an embarassing question, but I am wondering if anyone has had 'shooting' type pains down there after having a baby? I gave birth two weeks ago and for a week now I have been getting a horrible shooting pain, every now and then. It almost feels like this pain is in my clitoris. The midwife who delivered my baby said I had a graze quite high up, so could these pains just be the area healing itself/ I have no pain when urinating so I don't think it is a urinary tract infection. Has anyone experienced anything like this that could offer some advice?
Thanks, Bridget.
Hi Bridget,
I got pains like this about 2 weeks before i was due with my first baby it would last about 2 seconds & go right up my u know what! usually when i was out shopping & would always come when i wasn't expecting it, i must of looked so silly stoping all of a sudden & closing my legs together,anyway it lasted for about a week after the birth of my daughter then just went away but i would tell your doctor about it just so they can check for an infection or something else smile

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Hi Bridget
WHile researching on the net for the pain i'm experiencing (pain radiating from my groin down to my legs) i came across this Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - sounds vaguely familar to the pain you are experiencing. Check it out.
Cheers Jq

Jq, NSW, Newborn

Hey guys

just thought i would let you know that i suffered with the same thing for over a month and as time grew on it got less and less. Now 4 months later dont have any pains. Exactly how you were describing it was the same kind of pain.. wasnt all the time but often enough to make me worry what it was. I thought it might just be the uterus getting smaller... never really found out and now that its stopped cant say that i care. Guess i might find out if it comes with baby #2

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