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post birth bleeding stopped for a week suddenly returned??? Lock Rss


My newborn is now three weeks old. I bled for two weeks and then stopped. I cant remember how long i bled for with my first children. Has anyone had this reoccurance of bleeding after a week or more time lapse? I had a c-section and i am breastfeeding - i dont know if any of these factors need to be considered. Any stories or thoughts would be welcome
Hi, my bleeding settled down after about two weeks also and then I just had some discharge but over the last couple of days I have been getting some minor bleeding at night. The clinic nurse said it is normal and can happen off and on to 6 weeks. Its just the area where the placenta was attached healing and may be irritated by coughing and sneezing (i've had a cold)

I was goin to ask the sme question. my bleeding had all but stopped as of yesterdya and i got up fomr a nap and had a clot and now i ahve fresh bleeding. its not a massive amoount but its enough. So its normal?

I had the same, c-section second baby, bleeding stoped then would start again. You will find its after you ahve just been doing a lot of walking (going to the shops) I think it the uterus contracting
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