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Exercise after c-section Lock Rss

Hi there
does anybody have a general idea on exercise after c-section?
I definately do not feel like running the Boston marathon or anything but was just wondering when and how to ease back into it all. I used to attend my gym until a complicated pregnancy stopped all that. I feel like i have lost a lot of fitness and definately have retained baby (and peanut M&M) weight so i dont think i will be able to return to my old regime for a while. I know if i have overdone it with day to day duties as my stomach starts to ache but i am not sure if some low impact exercise may help with this. My c-section was three weeks ago.
any stories would be welcome

I also had a c-section 7 weeks ago. I saw my doctor this week for my 6 week check up and asked her if I could start swimming laps again and she told me wait until another 4 weeks. She said the only thing I should be doing at the moment is walking. I feel fine but don't want to push myself (even though I am a bridesmaid in 7 weeks time!). It is horrible not exercising but I guess doctor knows best !


Hi ya

I had my c-section 8wks ago and am only starting to feel good now after walking around lots. I am going to go to swiminng physio next week with bub, but will definatly take it easy. You dont want to go hard core then do some damage
I havent started walking for exercise yet - but what about jogging. What point am I able to start jogging. I dont see the doc for my 6 week check for another couple of weeks.

I generally feel really good in my tummy but I did some heavy lifting on the weekend and now am a little sore! 0ops. scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

i am 4 months post ceaser now, and i found i was starting to feel ok after about 8 weeks, but i walked alot, i have only just started to do sit ups again and some days ic ant do too many before i have to stop as it starts to ache. My advice is not to hurry into exercise after an operation becasue it is a major operation, and it would be better for you to take it slow and steady rather then rush into it and get infections or worse. 000

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

3 weeks after a c-section you are doing well to be even thinking about exercise!!!

Like you I was keen to get back to my pre-baby fitness. For the next 6 weeks obey doctors orders and just do light walking. My doc also suggested drawing my navel into my spine as a good way to get those tummy muscles working again.

Once I found I was getting about normally without pain I started doing cycle classes at the gym. This was because I was breastfeeding and I found that any other sort of exercise was a bit hard on the girls! The cycle class is a great workout too!

Eventually I started running again and can recommend the berlei sports bra.

It is a great feeling getting back into fitness. Having been through the whole baby thing I felt mentally stronger and much prouder of myself after a workout.

You've got lots of time to get rid of the extra weight. So be easy on yourself for now while you are still healing.
I had a c-section 8 weeks ago and I am sterting to ease back into exercise.
I was a dance instructor, which had to cease when I fell pregnant. (We all love Beyonce-like curves, but Hip Hop dancing doesn't quite look work with a big bump in front!)
My sister (a fitness fanatic)has had 3 c-sections and I'm following her advice. If you feel like you can run around the block, jog it. If you feel like you can jog it, walk it. Basically, whatever you feel up to doing, do half that.
I really feel up to going back to high impact dancing, so I've taken up pilates. It's gentle on my still tender body, but it's really helping to tone up all the bits that started heading south after carrying a 10 pound baby!
I had a C sec 8 weeks ago and i have just started going to a womens gym called curves under my doctors permission.. they have put me on a low impact one as you can still do yourself damage at that point and also that far after having a bub you still have hormones in your body that soften your joints so easy to wreck your back etc.
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