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sex after birth Rss

when did u start to resume sex? Just curious. i remebr trying at 3 weeks fater my fiurst but with stitches that didnt work and i ahd no stitches with my second so we were sucesful at 3 weeks. Anyone tried it sooner? not that i am dying to get bck inot it lol just curious

i was 2 weeks but i felt good and ha dno problems at all with labour so i thought why not

Yup, five days. Was very gentle and used lots of lubricant.
8 weeks
It hurt sad
Didn't feel right
Will never have sex again ;p
LMAO Masons Mum

I had sex 10 days after giving birth, but I to had a trouble free labour and no stiches...
I had stiches with the first and there was no way I would have had sex this early. I guess its all just better the 2nd time around..

hey kirsty,
with Tia we tried after 3 weeks, was a bit painful ( she was Posterior so was still bit sore) so we tried again at 5 weeks and all was good.
we are back at it now lol. i think it was last week we started (cos i only just stopped bleeding then) but i think it could of been sooner if i wasnt bleeding.
anyways hope your bub is behaving and the boys are doing good.

lol after ds ( stitches ) it was about 5 months lol poor DF
after DD (no stitches) it was about 6 weeks

hi all,

after dd we tried at 2 weeks. got as far as naked in same room before i freaked and ran out :>

she's almost 6 months and still can't go there. i had nil complications and no stitches but just felt so sore. also i think my libido disappeared during pregnancy and am waiting for its return!! :>

just curious, but did any one else feel like they lost their libido for months after, and did it return??? wondering if i need to worry yet?


We did about 1 week for both our babies - and that was after having c-section for both. It felt fine and I enjoyed it so we just got back into our normal routine .... as much as you can with broken sleep!!!!
We had sex 1 week after my DD was born, DP just couldnt wait LOL. I had a great birth, no stitches or complications so I felt ready & it didnt hurt at all.

I did 6 days after my boy was born. but he was by c section. just had to lie there because i couldnt really move cos of the stitches lol! but havent done it again since then. just havent got round to it i guess lol. but it was great!! hehe
i didnt do it until after my 6wk ck up with my ob, they advised me not to after a c section so i just didnt do it. plus it gave me a break didnt really feel like doing it (due to lack of sleep) and now that my son is 3mths we are having sex more than we did prior to having him. my husband would do it every day (2wice a day if he could) - LOL

the first time we did it after our son was born it did hurt a little, my ob said that due to hormones "that area" would be tighter and would hurt the first few times,it did but now its back to normal
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