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i was just wondering what everyone routines is for their new born? I am finding it hard to establish ine as dylan keeps chnaging from feeding 2 hours to 3 to 4! basically all i have is we wake up, feed, stay up till its an hour or we get tired then bed, he sleeps well on his own most of the time and at night he has a feed, bath and bed. But there is no time for the routine. what do u do? dylan is 3 weeks old.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi Kirsty
My bub was the same as yours at that age. Iwas told not to expect much of a 'routine' as we were breastfeeding and he has to decide how much he needs and how much my body has to produce. also most bubs go through a small growth spurt between 4 and 6 weeks so (if yours is like mine was) he'll start feeding every 2/3 hours before settling down. He was feeding so much during the day that he started sleeping through from 10ish to 4/5ish which was great. I never let him feed more than every two hours though(mainly in the afternoon).
Basically I was demand feeding 'til 5/6 weeks before I tried to put Jeb onto a routine. I bought Tizzie Halls which backfired as because her routine is basically run by the clock he started waking through the night for his 4 hourly feed, but it gave me some very good tips. Now at 8 weeks we've been doing OUR routine which is basically
Feed 6:30am, play 'til 8am'ish, sleep, wake around 10:30 am for a feed play 'til 11:30/12, sleep, wake around 2:30 play 'til 3:30 (he likes his afternoon sleep) wake around 5:30/6pm (while he'sleeping in the afternoon I usally get tea ready so as soon as I finish this feed I can start cooking) he palys well by himself or with dad(if he's home) while I cook tea, we eat and he has a nap then we have a bath around 8:30, last feed starts somewhere after 9pm in bed by 9:30 /10 then big sleep 'til morning.
I'm still getting use to bub (being my first and not having much to do with babies before hand) I'm going to start soon to try and have an early bath and go to bed sooner. I'm finding at the moment I can slowly bring bedtime closer by about 5 minutes every day or so(he use to have his last feed starting around 10pm so not go down 'til 10:30/11)
I hope this may help. And as everyone says, just take what you like and ignore the rest. (think I this should be every mothers motto as every mother is different and evry bub is too so why do we expect/try to make them to all the same?) smile
I have a 14 week old son. At 2 weeks of age, I started him a 3hrly feed routine (6am, 9am etc till 9pm). He then dropped his own 9pm feed at 6weeks and sleeps from 7pm to 5-6pm. After each feed, I keep benjamin awake for 30-45min with play time and interaction, then he placed back into to bed for 2hrs, then he is woken up for his next feed. After his 6pm feed, he a bath, book then bed.... This routine has worked for me, but all bubs are different. I've just been a lucky mum who dosn't have a screaming baby all day and all night. I just make sure he is fed fully during the day and has been stimulated enough.
karlie xxxx

karlie. 15month old two foot terror!!

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