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Suddently unsettled 4 week old boy Lock Rss

Liam has been perfect up till a few days ago and now he grizzles all day and I cant get him to sleep, but he is still sleeping well at night (thank goodness!)
He seems to want to snack all the time, and i can see that he is tired as he is constantly yawning, but will only sleep for an hour max. As he's constantly yawning and I dont want to get him overtired (although he seems to do this himself) I have cut out play time.

Is this common? I think it may be a growth spurt as he seems to want to eat all the time, but when he does wake and eat (breastfed) its only for short periods so I wonder if its more comfort eating.

The other problem is we have to hold him and sing to him to get him to sleep during the day and I wonder if this is putting him into a bad habit. I've read lots that say you cant spoil them at this age, but since he sleeps fine at night (touch wood) I wonder if this is actually the case?

Any suggestions would be appreciated smile
[Edited on 17/11/2007]
[Edited on 17/11/2007]
Hi smile

Firstly, they say that bubs have growth spurts around 3,6,12 weeks (give or take a week as every bub is different) Around these times and leading up to them bubs will feed more often to help get your supply up to get them through these spurts. Also if he's not taking enough at a feed he'll only be take the fore milk which isn't as "heavy" as the hind milk so will want to feed more often as he isn't stay full long which in turn would be affecting his sleep. Try feeding on breast until he has emptied it before offering the other so he gets to the hind milk. If he falls asleep on the boob take him off and change his nappy or talk to him to wake him back up enough to keep feeding.
At this age he should be able to go about 1 hour 15 mins including feeding time before needing to go to sleep. When you do put him down for a sleep make sure you put him down awake so he can learn how to self-settle which is VERY important!! You don't want to have a bub that can't put himself to sleep or you'll have all sorts of problem later on. At this age he should still be swaddled put down awake and left to put himself to sleep. Most of the time he will protest about this but as long as he's tired enough he will go to sleep and the protesting time will get shorter and shorter. if he gets to worked up you can go and calm him down but try not to calm him until he falls asleep. if you do the same thing over and over each time he will soon learn what is expected of him.
I strong recommend a back called Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall (try eBay or a good book store) i bought her stuff with my first bub and it was a god send!! Just like everything else related to bubs, you take what you need and sit well with you and disregard the rest.
Hope you can understand my rambling and good luck smile

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

Hi there!

If he is wanting to eat heaps suddenly, he may be altering your milk supply. It is really important to let babies feed as much as they want whenever they want so that they get what they need. babies do feed for comfort as well so you doing this is not creating a bad habit, it is fullfilling an emotional need of your child which is just as important!! People use dummies to try and replicate this.

Personally, if bubs fell asleep on the boob - great. I feed her to sleep everytime,it works beautifully!! I know many people who have fed their babies to sleep and eventually they just start going to sleep on their own. You don't do it forever. I don't believe it is necessary to wake a baby to remind them to keep feeding - unless they are very ill or drugged and can't do so.

As for the spoiling you can not do it at this age. If singing and rocking to sleep is working for you - you go right ahead. Babies change their sleeping paterns...actually all their patterns, all the time. Once you think you are in one routine - suddenly you have to change and start another. Personally I never bother with routines as I follow bubs lead and just do what she needs. Sure it can be hard at times, especially when they seem to want to feed all day, or sleep for half an hour a day, but they soon get into their groove. You'll probably find yourself out of that tunnel soon enough!!

My advice is feed him whenever and as long as he wants but doing as the above poster said and feeding from one breast until he has the hind milk and then switch. Pop him to bed when he is tired - doing what your doing and play with him whenever he is up for it!! I would ignore anything to do with bubs should be awake for x amount of time and sleep this many times in a day etc.. as this is different for every baby and their unique circumstances.

I hope that makes a bit of sense....I am slightly distracted by a munchkin next to me!!
I'm curious OC1246 as to what your routine is if you feed your bubs to sleep everytime. Is it sleep/play/feed? I tried this for a couple of days but it didn't quite work. Would be interested to know as DS likes to fall asleep on me at times but wakes when I put him in cot so I get him up to play. I think, maybe I should stay and settle him in there? Of a morning he sleeps in bed with me from 6ish to 9-10ish and just feeds on and off when he wants to.

Hi Kellbell.

If bubs falls asleep when feeding and is still asleep when I put her in bed then I leave her. Sometimes she wakes up as soon as I put her in there. If she is actually needing sleep her eyes may open but close almost immediately after, but if she opens her eyes and smiles or whinges, then I know she has no intention of sleeping so we go and have a play. Sometimes it may be a matter of having more to drink. Other times she'll get up and play for another hour or so. It varies but you can usually tell. I have attempted to settle her to sleep at night a couple of times which worked quite quickly, but both times she woke up within about an hour I think, for a feed. If I feed to sleep she sleeps until early morning.

Basically, the routine is different every day. But the same if you get what I mean...She wakes between 6:30 and 8. Sometimes she wants a feed straight away sometimes she doesn't. She usually has a big sleep sometime in the morning and then another one in the afternoon. But she may have a feed and play off and on in between.

It has just occured to me what you might have meant....

I feed her to sleep every time she goes to sleep. She doesn't go to sleep every time I feed though. So somedays she will have a feed in the middle of her playtime but go back to playing. IYSWIM...

What your doing sounds the same....if you ignore the order of sleep, play, feed and do what bubs wants at the time it should sort itself out.

sorry if that doesn't make any sense....let me know if you have no idea what i'm talking about and i'll try again!!

forgot to add. sometimes if i put bubs in the cot and i know she is really tired, she occasionally gets woken by one of my animals or me stubbing my toe on something!! if something like this happens i quickly pat her on the bum or stroke her head and she closes her eyes again. if i get in quick enough before she realises, she goes back to sleep. if she cries, i stick her back on the boob, because i know nothing else will work as fast.
[Edited on 21/11/2007]
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