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Used to be a good sleeper!! Rss

My bub is 13 weeks old and from week 2 has been a wonderful sleeper. We got her into a good routine with bath, feed etc and she always slept from about 9pm til 4:30-6am. But for the past week she has woken every night at 11-12pm, 2-3am, 5-6am and is also sleeping less during the day. I have tried resettling her at these times but don't know if I've tried long enogh due to being tired and end up just feeding her so she'll go back to sleep. Should I change my evening routine and try and find something new that works or keep on with what we've been doing? Could it be a phase and she'll go back to sleeping at night again?

First timer to 3 mth old

Hey Sky

My bub is 13 weeks old (this coming Monday) and I find that it depends on how big a day he's had as to how long he sleeps thru. At the moment he is sleeping really well at night from approx 9pm - 4 or 5 am (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter). If he's had a big day out in the car, lots of stimulation etc, I find he sleeps right thru (the other night it was almost 10 hours between feeds!), but if he's had a few longer sleeps thru the day he may not sleep as well at night. I'm not sure, but I've heard it can also be linked to growth spurts? I noticed one day in the past week he was particularly unsettled and grizzly and wouldn't sleep much that night, and he seemed to get bigger overnight! I try and play with him heaps during the day when he's in a good mood and this seems to tire him out so that he sleeps better. Also when I feed him in the wee hours I make sure the room is really dark and I don't talk much to him. He seems to know the difference between night and day now and seems to be settling a lot better after his night feeds. Perhaps your bub is just going thru a growth spurt? I hope you get your old routine back! I keep trying not to get too excited about my little man sleeping well at night in case he changes back to his 'bad' old ways. Good luck. :0)

Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

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