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When is a newborn not a new born? What is playtime at 5wks? Rss

Help. As a first time mum of a 5 1/2 week girl, I well and truly have my L-Plates on full display. When people talk about play time what does this mean? What should I be doing with my baby in her awake time, which isn't too much at the moment. Also, people say with a newborn not to expect too much, but when does the newborn tag wear off. I am breastfeeding and every day is different. We really don't have a routine except a four pm walk to the dog park. Sometimes I can't settle her. Today for example she was awake from noon to 4.00, and for about an hour of that she was screaming her head off. I put her in her crib and left her for 10 minutes till she cried herself to sleep, is this bad??? I had to as I was pulling my hair out. Any answers would be great because sometimes you just don't know what to do and you feel so bad that you don;t know why your baby is crying.

gm charlie 19/08/05

I have a 13 week old girl and am an L-plater and breastfeeder too. I was never sure what playtime was either but even just sitting near a window or looking at your face is playtime for them so I've been told. Its hard when they are so young and not always responsive but I noticed real smiles from around 4 weeks in response to things I did. Also I have found her play-gym invaluable, she has kept herself entertained for hours staring at ... i dont know what and just smiling at it. I have a mobile hanging above her change table and we spend a lot of time (apart from nappy change time) there. She is now laughing at it but it has been her favourite place since about a month old.
As far as routines go, I have never had one for myself and we don't really have one for her except for her last feed and bath at night, apart from then, everyday is different. We have had our bad bad days but my child health nurse said to expect one in seven and they aren't that often. My bub has never slept as much as they say is average but when she is awake she is happy so I'm not concerned. During the day she is often awake for 3-4 hours.
I have let her cry herself to sleep sometimes but this seems to be when I have accidentally not read the tired signs and she gets overtired so there is not much you can do if all the settling techniques dont work and you know she is fed and dry. I know you feel so bad when you cant figure out whats wrong and cant help them stop crying. Its had me in tears a few times. I am still confused by the sleep/feed/play/sleep routine everyone talks about. I find it works for me in opposite - sleep/play/feed/sleep. I usaully put her down to sleep awake but find it hard for her to go to sleep after playtime. Sometimes I have sat by her bassinet and rocked it with her crying for a while so she learns I wont always pick her up and she always settles and drifts off. I have found music to be excellent and from birth have played Norah Jones at sleep time (bearable for me). Now notice sometimes when out and about all I have to do is sing Norah Jones song and she gets sleepy. Try one of your favourite mellow cds. Today we coiuldnt get her to sleep in her bassinet in our room during the day so kept her in the lounge with us and she fell asleep on the lounge(safely) and had a record day sleep.
My mum told me that babies have never been here before and so don't know what is normal and what isn't so we have kept our life the way we want to live it. I have taken her to the movies 5 times now and never had to leave, we've taken her to a concert, out to dinner, backyard bbqs. She is very portable and adjusts.
I hope all goes well for you. Everyone offers so much advice and I've learnt to hear it but listen only to what works for me. It is more important to listen to your baby, You know her best and how she feels. Just spend time with her learning about who she is. Take their advice that you shouldnt expect too much of a young baby but dont expect too much from yourself either - you have to stay sain and enjoy being a mum - I LOVE IT!!!

First timer to 3 mth old

Just go with the flow... The best playtime is talking to little babe as she will love the sound of your voice and the arvo walk sounds great! AND I have popped Mia in her cot for 5 minutes and let her have a scream when she was teething and totally doing my head in!!!!!!!!!

AND in my 9 mths of 'P' plates all I will say is that you will know when they ain't a newborn anymore.... Cause they don't sleep as much!!!

I have an almost 8month old. But the "newborn" tag you are talking about wears off around 4months. I know that i felt exactly the same as you are now, not knowing what the feeding routine was but when the CAFS woman came to my house at the check up at home. She had gotten me to write a list of his feeds and how long he is awake for for about 3days and 3nights before she came so she could tell me if it was a "normal" routine. (WHATS NORMAL!!!) she said it was fairly normal, but to me it was all over the place. It probably wasnt until Kayden was 2months old that i had got used to his cries and what he wanted. So dont panic, different cries mean different things and you WILL figure it out soon enough!

I dont know how many feeds you are giving her a day, but i know i was on 6 up until about 4-5months and then it started dropping to 5, then 4 probably each month. Now he is almost 8months and has started doing the 3 bottles a day (have just finished weaning him) and these are for breakfast, lunch & tea.

Settling, is hard. Does she have a dummy? I stayed strong on not giving Kayden a dummy up until where your at now, because i couldnt stand the constant screaming. I had heard through a friend that if you had a c-section the baby doesnt have the coating on the lungs at first as it would if it passed through the vagina so Yoghurt is Excellent for this when they are a couple of weeks old. But it has to be PLAIN, NATURAL yoghurt, not the sweetend ones. Instead of putting the yoghurt on a teaspoon i started putting it on his dummy and letting him go to sleep with it. It worked a treat!!!! but it is hard to get them off of it when you dont want to give them the dummy any more! so, a bit of time with a dummy (maybe not yoghurt-depends on how desperate you are) might work for you.

Sometimes, if you dont catch your baby on the first yawn or tired signs it can make them OVER tired. This is worse because then when they do go down for a sleep it is harder to get them to go to sleep. so watch out for the signs.

One more thing - play time is what ever you want it to be. If you are exhausted and are wanting a rest. Put her on her back under a play gym for something to look at. The rocker-bouncer things are good if you have things to do. (once a day) and other things that the ladies above have advised, looking out of windows, playing with your face. Poking your tounge out, flicking your eyes she will soon learn to do, by copying! and they are the cutest little things when they pic something up from you. A bit of tummy time at this stage should be started, if she doesnt like it - try for the 10seconds, then put her back on her back or give her a cuddle. The next day go for 20 seconds and so on. Soon it will get up to a minute and this is a development for her also. I found the best toy to keep kayden on the floor was a Mirror toy which was a "sassy" brand, it has a few toys around it bright and colourful standing in like a triangle frame shape and you can place it on the floor infront of bubs. THEY LOVE looking at them selves. This would keep him on the floor for a while. Even now he still uses it playing peek a boo with him self!

Stay strong babe, i know the first few weeks are pretty bad getting labeled the "newbie" but believe me as a first time mum i know exactly what you mean by not knowing what your baby is crying about. visit where a whole heap of new mums are! there is lots of things for you to read up on, when you have time!

Hope this is some help... and i didnt dribble on for too long! haha... looks like i did... sorry!
Leia xxx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

hi lochie,
im also a new mummy with a 6week old bub smile and dont worry i also have my L-plates on!!!
i hear what ur saying, they dont do alot when they are awake! but when Caden is awake, we have tummy time, i take him for walks, he lays in his bouncer or under his playgym, or i just simply sit on the floor and talk to him!!! anything isd playtime for a newborn, as it is all new to them! im noticing that when i do certain things he will crack a big smile and "try" to laugh (not much of a laugh just a funny noise that resembles one!)
im also breastfeeding, and every day is different for me also! sometimes i cant settle my bub, and i also feel like tearing my hair out! but dont feel bad for putting her in her cot while you get yourself togeather again, if you need a moment to yourself, and baby is safe then its fine!
in my opinion, i think the newborn tag wears off at about 3months (not looking forward to that!!i'll miss my 'newborn')
hope ive helped!
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