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This is going to be a long post so here goes:

I need some help with my bub.

She is 41/2 weeks old and has been really good untill now. At night she is awake and seriously tired from say 5-12pm. i have tried everything to get her to sleep in this time and nothing works she isnt hungry at all just really upset and eont seem to settle. Her routine is as follows

6-7am wake feed play asleep by 10am
1-2 wake feed play asleep till 5.
Bath at 5/6pm then feed then play then used to sleep till about 9 then feed play sleep at 10pm then sleep through till 5/6/7am.

Lately she has stopped sleeping from 5-12 we havent bathed hertill 9pm hoping this would help but it hasnt she constantly cries this hole time and will only stop if held and i refuse to holdher till she is fully asleep as i dont want to form a bad habit. I try feeding but she isnt eating onyl using the boob for comfort so i take her off. I am now trying some contorlled crying as we speak as she has been going on and off since 4pm this arvo.

Any ideas wld be great or help anyone experienceing the same thing we r moving in a week so i will go back to lways having a bath between 5/6pm and hopefully she will sleep between the bath and 10:30pm feed!!!!!
I don't reckon she is getting enough sleep during the day! I know all babes are different but Mia was only awake for 1 hour max during the day and then back to bed for another 2-3 hours (sometimes much longer) at 4.5 weeks.

There is a book that is produced in WA by Ngala (our sleep centre) and I looked it up and it said they should have around 18 hours with a maximum awake time of 1 - 1.5 hours.

Maybe bubs is just really over tired? I know myself that I struggle to sleep when I get over tired!

I feel for you as my sister had a little one who was just like that and I can remember many a time that I had to go over there and get bubs to sleep before she cracked.

Let us know how you go and if you want I can scan the page of this Ngala book and email it to you.

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