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in a pickle Rss

i was hoping to get a bit of help and advice from u ladies in a similar, or have been in a similar situation...
my little man is 6weeks old.i dont want to put him into a solid routine just yet, i just want to change things around a bit.
he dosent sleep more than 2.5hours during the day, which im fine with,he feeds around every 2hours during the day (brestfeeding), but at some stage in the evening he has a good 5hour sleep, but at totally the wrong time! its usually between 6 and 7 untill around 11 or 12.sometimes it stretches out to 7hours.
i would rather him start this 5hour sleep at around 10:30, so he wakes around do i get him sleeping then rather than earlier? i have tried to keep him awake but he just gets overtired and wont end up sleeping.
also, during the day he WONT settle in his cot! hes asleep in my arms as we speak. my plunket nurse said to put him down when you see his tired signs and let him try to sleep on his own, and only go back in to re-settle him. i have been doing this but find myself doing this for an hour until i pick him up or he finally drifts off (which isint so often) i have put music on for the last week but i watch him through a crack in the door and notice when the musics tone changes or a new song starts he opens his eyes again!! i just cant win!
what do i do???
hey amanda,
maybe you can go wake him at around 9.30pm. give him a feed then, try keep him up for a little bit, just not over stimulate him. then see if he has a bigger sleep for you from then.
all my kids have been fantastic sleepers, and hoping my next will be too, but the only thing i can say that i did, was not let them fall asleep in my arms or on the feed. i know this is easier said than done, but they do learn it, and the sooner the better. it will be a small price to pay when you could end up with a toddler that still wont go down on their own.
sometimes it can be soo frustrating trying to get them to sleep, and it can be one of the most stressful things, especially when your just as tired! just will come!!
good luck
Have you got a cd player that you can put on repeat? I have, not that I play music while she is sleeping, but if you haven't, maybe borrow one for a bit and see if it works.

Good luck.

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