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Crying in Sleep Rss

Just wondering if anyone else little one cries in their sleep or makes noises???


Isabela, 18.08.2005

yeah!! mine does. especially if he is over tired and fell asleep upset, sometimes i go in the room and his lip has dropped and hes making a little 'squealing' crying noise!! he must be dreaming about mean mum who put him to bed!! haha
Hi, I am the first time Mum and my almost 4 month old boy makes some strange noises when asleeep, not sure if its crying. He was born at 11 of august via C-section, because of a breech position, which I found out just the day before the induction. The operation was the most awful experience in my life, which could have been avoided if the midwife had not missed the breech baby. Anyway he is healthy and laughing. Are there any Mums with my kind of experience?


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