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Wakng up earlier & earlier... Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or could help as I'm running out of ideas.
My little man (11 weeks today) has been sleeping through at night since about 4 weeks(gotta love that!!) But now for the past 6 days he has been waking up earlier and earlier. He usually wakes between 6-6:30am and we have a pretty good system going for this waking time. But now he's been waking up mostly arond 4:30-5:30am. The first couple days I just go in cover him back up (as he kicks off his blankets and wiggles his way out of his wrap) put his dummie in and walk away when he is settled. This can go on for 1-2 hours until 6-6:30 comes around for his feed. A couple days I have left him like this and he goes back to sleep and I woke up around 7:30-8am to hear him happily coeeing in his bed. Nothing else has changed in his day sleeps or routines except he usually only has a nap between his 6pm feed and 9pm feed before he goes to bed but he now wants to sleep instead but still goes to bed easy after 9pm feed. Could he be going through a growth spurt?
I have put him onto formula for the past two weeks and was feeding him S-26 gold but it was making him constipated so have changed to the heinz nurture starter which seems to be when he started waking earlier (I think) could it be that? I haven't notice as yet if the heinz has made much diference to his pooing.
He is also a pretty big boy. He weighed in at 13lb 10oz (6.2kg) at 8 weeks old. So maybe he wants more formula? He is finishing off 200mls at all 5 feeds during the day.
I also think he may be starting to teeth? He pulls at his ears and drools alot and his gums have turned a very light pink/white colour. He also has starter to spit his dummie in preference to munching on his hand or spit cloth. So would panadol help him sleep longer?
Sorry to have such a long post but I really would like some ideas of whats going on and wanted you to have as much info to help me with. Any tips or advise will be greatly welcomed. smile
Hi my first suggestion would be to offer him more formula in his bottles. If he is finishing his bottles completely I would offer him more as how do you know if he's still thirsty if there is no more to have? I probably wouldn't give him panadol unless you think he is in pain as panadol is only effective for 4 hrs and will have worn off by 5am ish.
Anyway I hope everything goes better for you and he starts sleeping through again for you.

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