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Babies controlling mum&Dad????? Lock Rss

Do newborns have the ability to wrap their parents around their sweet little fingers? I have read many books that state you cant spoil a new born as they are too young to get used to being held too much, etc. However my little one is 6 weeks and my hubby and I are convinced that she knows that mummy and daddy's arms are better than her bassinet. It's really confusing and i guess that why there are such differing opinions on controlled comforting/crying. I havent been able to leave Ella to cry as i keep hearing the words of these books in my head. Maybe a young baby needs the comfort of our arms and we freak out because its dam tiring!!

What do you guys think???

Hi I happen to agree with you that babies DO know when they are in your arms or their bassinet. My daughter is the same but I have taught her to self settle and she now only crys for a couple of mins max and then she's asleep. In the first few weeks she had her Dad and me running round rocking her cause she was so unsettled but I had to make the decision to teach her to self settle so I wouldn't go nuts! lol ! It only took 2 hard (emotional for me ) days and she go the message that her bed was for sleeping and then she could have cuddles when up. ANyway just my opinion.
Good luck!!

i found, normally its because of warmth. We started to put one of those toweling nappies between my self and bubby and putting him the bassinett with the towel for about a minute or two while we watched (so no suffocation) then took it out it worked a treat! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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