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i am just wondering if any one has any ideas on how to help me. This si my second son but my first son was a TERRIBLE sleeper all the time. Dylan is almost 6 weeks old. He is in a good night time routine of 7-6/7 with 3 feeds. He use to be a good day sleeper, but lately he has been sleeping 45 misn to 1 1/2 hours and waking up. If i give him a dummy he will go back to sleep but i dont want to start this as a habit as it will be so hard to break and as yet its not a problem at night " touch wood" how can i get him to sleep. He doesnt use a dummy at night at all except sometimes to go to sleep at 7 but he usually spits it out so he onyl wants it during the day so far. I just dont want this too extend to night time. any ideas?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I have had exactly the same problem with Chantelle lately. Yesterday was especially bad but today is better. I know with my son at around 8 weeks their sleep cycle changes so when they get to the light part of the cycle they wake up and then have to put themselves to sleep again. Chantelle self settles to sleep but when she wakes after 45mins or so I try and let her settle herself to sleep but sometimes (like yesterday) she just whinged and cried till I got her up. She usually goes 4 hrs between feeds but she wanted feeding every 3 yesterday. Any way not much help I know but if he self settles then try and leave him to do that . I sometimes go in and re-wrap her and then leave her to go to sleep again. Doesn't always work though!! LOL!!
Good luck.

Hi ashtonsmum
My little man went through the same thing at that age. I was told at 6 weeks that they go through a growth so they are a little bit more unsettled then usual and they also want more feeds because of this. Around the same time I started trying to get him into a routine which after about a week of trying started to take shape. Jeb only ever use to catnap during the day which made the days seem like they were sooooo long. He only use to sleep anywhere between 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours. I use a dummie with him but he decides if he wants it or not. He did use to wake when that little when it fell out but. We now have a great routine of feed/play/sleep. At that age I would try and keep him awake for about 1 &1/2 hours (including feeding time) then put him wrapped in his craddle awake and walk away. If he started crying I would wait 6 minutes waiting to see if he would resettle, then go back in put his dummie in and gently stroke his head or cheek until he was calm again and walk away. If he keep crying I would just keep repeating this until he got the message. It didn't take long at all. Now he practically falls asleep everytime with little or no fuss. In trying to brake his catnapping I was told to let him sleep as long as he would then if he wakes before an hour and a half or so try to resettle him as soon as you hear him wake and walk away then do the same as when you put him down. If he doesn't resettle within 20 minutes just get him up but try and keep him awake the 1 & 1/2 hours from the next feed. Take him for walk around the house or something then put him down the same. In the end this really worked for me as the later the day got the more he would sleep. It was a little hard to keep him awake for that long sometimes but we just pushed through it and it been working ever since. Hope I have helped and you understand all my dribble. smile
HI guys,
I am in the same boat as you guys in many ways. My daughter is generally a very good sleeper both day and night but sometimes she just wont go to sleep for very long in the day. I am not sure weather it is maybe wind I can't get up (but how long can you keep trying before you get tired of it) or she's just having a crabby day. She will usually do it when I want to get a snooze in and just as I drift off.... waaaa. Most of the time it is just grizzles and not really crying though. Sometimes real crying which I don't leave her to do.
I have the same dummy thing going too, sometimes she wants it all the time and that is usually the same time that she wont go to sleep. If she's going to be good she usually is straight away.
She has however, taken lately to waking in the late arvo. She usually feeds at 6, 10 and 2 and after the 2pm feed she will catnap then refuse to go back to sleep (this must be the "witching hour" they all talk about). DH is putting his foot down and wont let me feed her until 6 so she stays awake and is then over tired. She has however still slept well at night once she goes to sleep that is. We will usually wake her at 10:30/11pm for a dream feed in the hope that she will sleep through (she has occasionally) but she tends to wake anytime in the morning from about 3:30am onwards. We skipped the dream feed the other nite and she didn't wake until 3:30 anyway.
Some days she'll do nothing but sleep, others she just wont, I wish she would make up her mind.
This "Tizzie Hall" thing sounds alot like Gina Fords routines from "The Contented Little Baby Book". She is very strict with the times. Baby must be awake and feeding by this and bathed and in bed by that, and wake him no matter how long (or short) he has slept, and express this much at that time.
We try to keep to a flexible routine and generally follow the "eat, play, sleep" thing. Except in the evening when she only catnaps and so it's "play, eat, sleep.
I think it's hard enough being a Mum without having to watch the clock and worry about anything else.
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