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Hoping someone can offer me some advice.
I have a 5 weeks old who I am breastfeeding. She is a great feeder as she has put on 500g in 2 weeks. My problem is that feeding sessions tend to last around 1 hour. I believe towards the end she is not actually getting much milk out but is using my breast for comfort. She tends to be a sucky baby but will not take a pacifier, which I am not too upset about but I feel like I am being used and abused. I also feel like I miss out on play time as she cries when she is taken off and only goes to sleep or gets tired enough to put down when on the breast.
Any help please?

Iona, QLD, Bianca 9/9/05 and Sienna Lily 20/10/07

i had the same prob ith my first son, but i wasnt strong enough to stop the problem. He never slept thru, 14 months and he still wakes at 5 for a bottle!
but he we did control crying at 9 months but i had to stop breastfeeding at 3 months.
I was told by a nurse that his throat moves when he actually drinking and just his cheeks will move when he is ust sucking. as soon as he starts sucking pull him off. It was hard at first cause he would Scream so eventaully cuddles would work, but then i would give in and let him suck just to get him to sleep. but if bubs can sleep without being on te breast (lkike i literally had to sneak him off and hardly move him to put him down.) and can self settle, id try using a dif style dummy or hear the crying and wait till cuddles r enought, then eventrually it should tur into play time. Also i hate dummies and didnt want my sons to have them. Ashton never took to one ( as he had my boob) and dylan was using one just to stretch a feed, then he started needing ti to go to sleep so we tok it away and now he uses it when hes upset and needs a suck but not to sleep.
dont know if i have helped at all sad

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

hi there, i am a first time mum to a 7 week old and she was confort sucking as well. We alos had a problem with screaming once i took her off and again i did not want to go the way of the pacifier but it is so much better for her & me that she comfort suck on the pacifier than on me. i used the newborn pacifier from Avent and it has worked a treat. initially when i used to take her off she would scream and that meant that she wanted to still feed but the minute the throat stops moving...we started to wean her of and the pacifier was used. hope that you are coping better now...and as much as we all hate the pacifier...better that than your breast right. maddie
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