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wont sleep unwrapped Lock Rss

hi can someone help me i gotta try get my son out of being wrapped to sleep cuz summer is cumoing up so its gunna be way to hot to wrap him but if i dont wrap him he will only sleep for a max of 20 mins but if i do wrap him he sleeps for 3 -4 hours through the day! any suggestions???

Lauren , Qld , mummy to baby jack 27/7/05 gasp)

Hi Lauren,

Try doing it gradually by leaving one hand out for a few days or a week, then the other hand and eventually not wrapping him at all.
Hope this helps.....

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

I thought about the heat problem too. My daughter is happier I think now not being wrapped but I do have a really light wrap made out of cheese-cloth kinda material. I don't know where it came from as it was given to me but I had intended to go out and find more fabric like it. It is almost see through. Maybe something like that might be the go? Cotton of course. You could wrap him in that with just a nappy or nappy and singlet.
Hi....I know you problem!! Both my boys have been big fans of being wrapped! My Jayden (now 9 wks) LOVES it and can't settle if he isn't wrapped! For the hot days (and boy we have had some already!!!!) i just leave him in a nappy only and still wrap him in muslin. I try not to wrap him up too close to his neck so he is getting plenty of cool air. I then wet another wrap, hang it over the edge of the cot and have the fan blow onto it. The cool fresh air from the wet rap is really refreshing.....try that! Don't ever worry about them wanting to be wrapped, it's a good secure thing for them. My first boy was still being rapped (not completely of course) when he was one!
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