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flat head anyone? Lock Rss

hi me again,,,,, um i was just wondering does anyone else's bubs sleep with their head to a certain side therfore giving them a flat head on one side?? cuz jack does this without fail and i was told to make him sleep with it on the other side or he will walk around with his head constantly facing that side when his older i was just wondering if its true?? can someone help me cuz i keep puttin his head to the other side and he wakes up:( please help!sad

Lauren , Qld , mummy to baby jack 27/7/05 gasp)

Hi, my bub also had this problem. He kept sleeping with his head tilted to the left and I noticed he started to go flat on that side so I too kept turning his head the other way when he was asleep. I also rolled up a towel and would place it underneath his left side to encourage him to turn to the right. It worked for him and his head had regained his shape back. it took a fair few weeks though....I don't do it so much during the day b/c I don't want to disturb his day sleep...God knows I have a hard enough time just getting him to nap in the first place.
my bub had a flat head - we were even referred to a brain surgeon for a check and xray cos it was so flat! It was a worrying time - but once he got up and about and moved about it has gone.... He is now 17 mo and his head is perfect shaped! When he is older and spends more time in different positions it should sort itself out. You can get a wedge thing to put under their heads to swop sides that they sleep on - or put a mobile or something on different sides of the cot to attract their attention to alternate sides for when they fall asleep.

Suz, NSW

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