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How do you get bubs to sleep? Lock Rss

I was wondering how other mums (& Dads) get their young bubs to sleep. DS is 8 weeks old and mostly only goes to sleep when rocked in his rocker. I dread the thought of trying to put him in his cot in his own room - as obviously I can't rock the cot! I'm planning on doing this soon though, as he makes too much noise in his sleep and it keeps me awake!! (he currently sleeps in our room)
I don't like the idea of letting him cry himself to sleep, it's too upsetting. I've heard other mothers say that their bub goes to sleep as soon as they are laid down in the cot - is this because they have been left to cry themselves to sleep before and now don't bother - or are they some kind of angel baby that has been like this from birth!!

Is my baby the only baby that won't fall asleep on his own without crying. In all of the articles I've read they say to put the baby to bed awake. But they never mention that the baby may have other ideas!!

What does everyone else do? Any insight would be very much appreciated.
Hi it's nice to hear that someone else is having the same problems i am! (no offense) I'm actually off to a sleep settle class on tuesday i will let you know how i go and offer you some advice

neice,VIC,mum of 4 ages 11,3,1,and 9 wks

Hi Xmum
I used to be in the same boat as you. Jeb only ever went to sleep in his rocker or in our arms. Not fun. By about 5-6 weeks all he ever did during the day was catnap which mad the days seem so long!! So at around this age I decided it would be best for the both of us if we got into a routine. Being a first time mum I had no idea about routines or how to start one. This web site answered most of my questions or gave me ideas to try or web sites to visit. Jeb sort of tried to get into a routine himself but it was play, feed, sleep. He used his feeds to go to sleep which is a bad thing to start as they use it as their sleep aid. Basically you have to teach your baby to sleep and when to do it. You do have to let them cry or they will never learn to self settle which means they will always need someone there to get them to sleep. I know it's horrible for a new mum to hear bub cry but they don't know any better. If they knew when to go to sleep they would but we have to teach them. My bub use to scream the house down around that age but he just turned 3 months old today and 95% of the time now when I put him down awake you do not hear a peep out of him, only when we've been busy and miss the tired signs or if he's going through a growth spurt.
I think I've babbled enough at the moment but if you go to the post in this section called 'bad day sleeper' I have written in there a lot about how I got Jeb into a routine which has made him an 'angle' baby (most of the time). The sooner you get bub to sleep better the sooner you'll sleep better and the more you'll enjoy being a mummy. Well that's what I found anyway!smile
I have the same "problem". My angel is 6 weeks old and will only fall asleep if being held and patted on the bottom. He sleeps 6 or 7 hours at night no problem. I dread having to put him to bed only to scream himself sick.

Good luck with your little one!

Jody, WA, 6 week old

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