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Co-Sleeping Lock Rss

Does anyone do this, how long for it you did and did you worry about rolling on them?

I did it with my son for about two months after he was born. He was a TERRIBLE sleeper and this was the only way i could get him to get any sleep at all! As for worrying about rolling on him... i am a very light sleeper and would wake everytime he stirred. And you are So aware of them being in the bed i don't think you could roll on them unless you had been drinking or something. I found it a benifit also in that it helps me bond with him too.

DS 21/8/04 DD 18/9/06

My baby usually sleeps with me every morning. i havent had a problem. My only rule is that when she starts rolling she isnt allowed to sleep with me any more. The reason being i own a water bed and the thought of her rolling into the crack freaks me out
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