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How long okay to cry to sleep Lock Rss


My little fellow is now 9 weeks old, up until 7 weeks he was great to put down to sleep, both during the day and at night... then all changed. No longer would he fall asleep on his own, or with a short while of cot or basinet rocking. The days still are okay but the first night time one is terrible - unless he falls asleep at the boob there is little I can do... have been a little wary of self soothing or crying to sleep until now, have tried so far a couple of times and little one crys so hard for at least 10min I cave in. How long is it okay for him to cry and what extent is okay?
hi what I did with both my kids is put them down wrapped up and leave the room. I then go and hang up the washing or have a shower which both take about 5 mins if still crying I go back in and calm them down. Once they are calm I leave them. I usually don't have to go in again but If I do (usually when I start the self soothing technique) I go in every 2 mins from then on for 45 mins before getting bubs up. THen try again next sleep. It took a few days for ny son and only 1 1/2 for my daughter.
Good luck and just use whatever you find heplful.

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