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trouble sleeping Lock Rss

My daughter is 1 month old and have gone into a habit of rocking her to sleep, now she wont sleep when shes surpose to. She does'nt like to be wrapped up. she cries when i put her down with some music playing and cry even more. what do i do. I have to rock her to sleep. any ideas that i can use?
hi renee!
u poor thing. How bad does she cry? does she wial or just cry. If she just cries try rocking her in the cot so ur not holding her. I dont know if it will help. And when u say she doesnt like to be wrapped does she cry as soon as u wrap her? maybe shes hot and needs lighter wraps. I dont know cause both my sons love to be wrapped.
anyway i hope some mums have some advioce for u cause i dont really know what to do. I had the same prob with my first son but i didnt fix it till he was 9 months. we did control crying but i kept giving in till he was 9 months.

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I thought my little man hated being wrapped aswell at that age so I stopped wrapping him. It didn't help. It wasn't until I got him into a good feed/play/sleep routine that he started sleeping well especially during the day (where we were having the most trouble) I think he hated being wrapped because I didn't know his tired signs then so I was leaving it to late for him to go to sleep nicely. He is now 14 weeks old and is still being wrapped and sleeps like an angel (most of the time) Try not to get into a habit of rocking her to sleep as she will always need it. I used to rock Jeb in his rocker to go to sleep but now I don't. I just wrap. put in his cradle (his cot is on order and should be here in a week) give him his dummy if he wants (usually spits it out after a minute anyway) then close the door and walk away. Jeb use to protest (cry) at first when I start to do this on a regular bases and I would wait 5-6 minutes before going in and settling then walking away again, but now he knows as soon as he is getting wrapped (he smiles and laughs now when I do it) he's going to sleep and 95% of the time he goes down with little or no crying. Babies don't know when to sleep and we have to teach then. At first I know it breaks your heart to hear then cry ( go to the other end of the house if this helps) but just wait and unless there is something wrong with bub (sick or teething etc) they will learn to sleep when they have to and you'll end up with a much happier bub which makes a much happier mum. Just go with your gut and keep asking people for tips and try the ones that feel right for you. Good luck. smile
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