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Set Sleep times? Lock Rss


Am I the only one that doesnt have set sleep times for my little one. Now this may sound dumb but is this what people refer to as a routuine?? I do the whole feed/play/sleep but at what ever time Suits Ella. I am having a hell of a time getting Ella to sleep, Ive even resorted to bringing her into bed with me, but im afraid I have to stop that as I am feeling very sleep deprived and just get cranky during the day. (My poor bub & Hubby). Do other find more sucess with sleeping by having set times??


Hi there - I think you have to do what is right for you and your little one. My little one Caleb (9wks old) can go 3-4 hours between feeds during the day. We feed, we change him then we play for a little bit - then I try and get him to sleep. I keep him up for 1.5 hours max. Sometimes he goes straight down for a sleep (anything from 1/2 hour - 2 hours long) and other times he really does fight it. Routine is good for them, but there needs to be a bit of flexibiliy too. Although in saying that, the sooner you get them into a routine the better it is for you:-) At night time he wakes for a feed, we then change him and put him straight back to bed - we don't talk to him or interact with him nor do we have bright lights on. It took a few weeks for him to realise that night time is sleep time and now we can get all this done in 1/2 hour and back to bed!

Just do the best you can - and things WILL get better. You will sleep again (one day when they leave home - he he).

Debbie, (Melb), Josh (14.1.01), Caleb (21.8.05)

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