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Fully awake from 11pm to 4am Lock Rss

Hi, need help !

My 1st newborn is 8 weeks now and she has recently change her sleeping pattern this week and we get very tired during night time.

She sleeps all day during daytime, no play, fall back to sleep straight away after feeding. I tried to talk to her, move her and walk her around and she gets furious and fall back to sleep immediately at whatever position. She then cries for the next feed (every 4 hours) with her her shut and go back to sleep again after feeding. This goes on and go until the feeding at 11pm when she starts kicking her legs, swinging her hands happily, cooing and smile a lot. It seems like she thought the time she wakes up is morning??

I am just wondering if anyone can teach me on how to change her sleeping routine back to normaly like adults?

im a first time mum aswell and my daughter is now 6 weeks old, she to slept all day and stayed up at night and wanted to play.

I had to change her paterns by keeping her awake at every feed, even while shes feeding. With my little one i fed her and if she was starting to fall asleep i would tickle her cheek, so she would wake up, and kept doing it every time her feed was due. Even try talking to her and play games. Now she sleeps well at night and knows it play time during the day.

i hope this helps you.
hi ladies

This is No 2 for me and very different from the first, my little man now 7 weeks had trouble sleeping at night and would think that it was playtime from 2am- 6am.
During the day I don't wrap to feed, so he knows its day time ,after a feed I let him play on his musical play gym, he usually lasts about 10-20mins then starts protesting, I then re-wrap and put back to bed, I do this up until about 6-7pm. If he wakes after 7pm I then start wraping to feed so he knows its night time and no playtime.
I put him straight back to bed when he has finished, and every feed up until 6am.
It has taken a week or so for him to get into a routine. I don't wake him at all he usually only goes 3-4.5hrs in day between feeds and one 5-6hr at night then back to every 3hrs. the only time I wake if he hasn't woken during the day is at bath time 3-3:30pm every day I wake, bath then feed, play then back to bed.
All bubs are different and when you think you have got a routine or have figured out your little ones they change.
Day routine wake, nappy change, feed, play,wrap and bed.
Night routine wake,nappy change, feed,wrap and bed.
Good luck and Just keep experimenting till you find a routine that works for both of you.

Nat NSW mum of 3,

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