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7pm Sleep time Lock Rss

I have been trying to get my 8 week old bub to go to bed at 7pm we r trying and trying but she just screams and screams. We have found that if we let her up wiuth us till 9:30pm then give her an expressed bottle she will then sleep through till 6:30-7am. We out her in bath at 6/6:30 then feed and try bed but it just makes her too stressed. Is 9:30pm to late as a bed time as such????
My bub was the same until about a week ago. He slept really well during the day but refused to go to sleep after his 6:30pm bottle and bath. He used to just sit up with us in the lounge in his rocker while we had tea and didn't really whinge or anything. Most of the time he would drop off for a nap between 8-9pm then wake again for his 10pm bottle then off to bed no fuss and sleep 'til 6-6:30am. I tried to put him to bed but he would not have it. Even if he wasn't crying he would just lay in there in the dark talking to himself! Now (14 weeks) I still give his bottle and bath at the same time but put him down between 7:30-8pm with no fuss. It's like he needs a little calm time before he goes to bed. This is what works for me but all the books on routines and stuff say to put to bed after the bottle but I'm not going to push the point it's not worth the trouble when I have a pretty good little
At 8 wks it's pretty much baby rules. i've had one night owl like this, i just popped her in her rocker and left her up, as long as she wanted to go to bed before me, and she always did, it was fine. If she usually sleeps late afternoon after four you could try keeping her up, but that young it's probably more grief than it's worth.

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My little girl didnt sleep at night from 11pm until 6 she was awake from birth. At 6 weeks she changed, i really wouldnt worry about when bubs goes to sleep, they will let you know maybe by certain cry, rubbing her eyes, tugging at her ear etc.

Its great to see shes waking up at 6:30/7 in the morning. 9:30 really isnt to late think of it this way.... after she goes to bed its a great time for you to go to bed hehehe smile I did the same thing with my little girl i still dont bath her until 8 and last bottle then sleeping by 8:30. Also helps now that summers coming around babies sleep alot more

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