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  5. what if bubs sleeps over 4 hours in day? Do u wake em?.. and dream feeds

what if bubs sleeps over 4 hours in day? Do u wake em?.. and dream feeds Lock Rss

I have always woken bubif they sleep past 4 hours and 15 mins since their last feed, ( the 15 mins gives em a extra chance to wake Up). Today Dylan has fed at 9:15 and slept 10-11 but i left hi to go back to sleep and he did at 12 and has slept since. its now 2. 5 hours since his feed. what do u guys do?

Also he sleep 7pm-1am, thenfeed at 4/5 and again 4 hours later. Do u think a dream feed would push the 6 hour block back as i dont wana put busb to bed later cause i wana establish a 7pm bedtime...what do u think girls? any inout would be greatly appreciated

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi I always wake Chantelle during the day about the same as you 4 hrs 15-20 mins if not already awake. I never wake her at night and I don;t dream feed. I find it just disturbs her sleep patterns and then she is awake the same if not more than if I let her go. also I have a freind who is still dream feeding her almost 9mth old bub casue she is too scared to stop cuase she night wake in the middle of the night. So I think is you dreamfeed then how do you know when to stop. At least when Chantelle starts to sleep through I'll know that she is doing it herself and I haven't had to feed her when she mightn't need it.
Anyway just my thoughts.

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