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do i wake him Lock Rss

i know the old saying never wake a sleeping baby! but somehow i feel that this saying may not be applicable to my little one. Am now fully formula feeding my new son 2.5wks and have been doing so for almost a week.

My dilema is that he never seems to wake willingly for a feed. I let him go the other night to see if he would wake and he did after 6.5hrs (i asume this is not acceptable for such a youngster). My son has regained his birth weight but i am worried that if i dont wake him four hourly he will not continue to gain weight at a reasonable pace. Of course this never happened with my first and therefore i have no idea.

When i do wake isaac, he only takes half the feed and starts to drift back to sleep. I have tried numerous teats and have settled with the avent newborn as this seems to be the best despite the fact each feed can take up to an hour.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just know in 3 weeks time i will be wishing this baby would sleep, but for now i need him to wake up!

michelle, mom to maxwell (11.03) & isaac (10.05)

My bubby was sleeping for 5 hour blocks from day one. The nurses kept pushing me to feed her every three hours and i refused to wake her. She is gaining weigh fine at 2 weeks of age she first slept a nine hour block. She is now 9 weeks and sleeping 3-6 hours in day and 7-9 hours at night. She is a healthy weight and gaiing fine so my advice is to let him be he will wake when he is hungry the only down side is you need to have that bottle or breast waiting when they wake as the smile for two minutes then r like feeeed me now!!!! hahaa

I wouldnt worry just let bubs tell you wht he wants im a first time mum and i ignored the nurses telling me and she is still fine and growing
Hi Michelle,
I would only wake him if he has jaundice otherwise let him go, you could just be really lucky.

Does his sleep time change from day to night? Does he sleep longer in the night and take shorter sleeps in the day?

As long as he is getting heaps of food during the day he might be getting all he needs to go through the night.

My DD had jaundice so she slept constantly for the first 4 weeks, so we had to wake her every 4 hours to get something in, to flush the jaundice out.

But just monitor his weight weekly if he keeps growing well, dont worry.


Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

hi michelle
formula is much more filling than breast milk as well that could be another reason y he sleeps for longer as the other girls have said let him go he will wake when he is hungry just monitor his weight and all should be good

danielle nsw dd 24/6/05, dd 26/7/06

Hey....Don't wake him!!!!!! If he is putting on weight, then why disturb him if he is having a good sleep! he is obviously satisfied enough to sleep that long! I woke my little one (now 8wks) a few times in the begining cause of jaundice and i found that he didn't feed properly! If they are wanting him to put on weight, why wake him when he isn't going to feed properly, and therefore not gain weight properly... I can feel what you're going through! Hang in there and just adapt to what he is needing! All the best!
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