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Irregular sleep pattern at night Lock Rss

Hi i'm a first time mum, l hve a little girl with bad colic. I have found infants friend is the only thing that works. However used to sleep from about 10.30pm till 4am but now we tend to be waking every 3 hrs for feed. I think it was more for comfort as doesn't feed for long and is then asleep again, trying now to resettle her and trying to get her into regular sleep pattern.
Has anybody got any ideas that might help, if so please let me know.

mum to two dd

I was just wondering does your DD sleep with a dummy or fall alseep during feeds. If so she may have a slepping association and when she wakes she wonders were these things are gone. I had this problem with my DS but once i visited the local day stay clinic and seen the dvd sleep baby sleep my son seemed to settle better.

mum to ryan 10-05-05

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