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Knowing the tired signs its helps Lock Rss

Hi everyone i have just had baby # 5 i hope this can help some of you poor people that have babies that dont sleep.Cortney is 7 weeks old now and has reflux and also can have lactose.She wasnt sleeping at all untill it all came back to me about remembering those tired signs.As soon as she starts to get a little wingy i wrap her and put her to be sometime babies get so over tired that they cant get to sleep.If you can put them down as soon as they start to show you tired signs IE closed fists,throwing arms around,wingy,rubbing eyes you will soon find that your baby is just tired.Cortney screams like she is starving at times and she is just tired.when she wakes with wind i pick her up without talking or playing with her hold her over my sholder till she brings up more wind and put her straight back has taken me a few weeks but she puts herself to sleep now.If anyone needs help you are welsome to email me [email protected] or if you have msn or yahoo messenger i can also help you there.I know how hard it can get its taken me 5 kids to learn to just put the baby down it makes life so much eaiser.Hops this helps some of you..Good luck Lisa

Lisa NSW 5th baby

hi lisa!
wow 5 kids!! am only up to number 2 but yes showing tired signs and knwing when they r does help! Sometimes dylan shows signs after just 40 mins and i think but he should be able to go longer? so i would push him loger only to make him overtired. so from no on wether its 40 mins or an hour and a half as soon as they start he is into bed!

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

But then what do you do?
I was doing exactly what you said and it would generally work at treat. DD would grizzle after about an hour and so straight to bed and sometimes she'd continue to grizzle and other times off to sleep without a peep. But lately it's all gone pear shaped. The last couple of days she'd grizzle but then not want to go to sleep and if she did it would just be a catnap ending up with two days where she would get maybe two 45min sleeps between 4-5am and 12-1pm leaving her extremely tired. Both days she then ended up sleeping for a really long stretch till 3-4pm and then the whole days routine was in tatters. And then today she was under her playgym this morning happy as lary so I went and did a few morning chores that litterally take 5 mins max and I came back and she was drifting off. I ofcourse put her straight into bed. But there was no tired signs...
And how do you tell the difference between tired signs and bored signs when they get that bit older?
I kind of know how to recognise my baby's tired sign..but just that at night takes her very long to cool down and sleep although she has all the tired signs..rubbing eyes and nose, yawning, trowing between I give her a dummy and she will cool down a bit and her eyes start shutting up..but she awake again and do the same thing all over again.. this takes 2 hours and I give her a dummy again and she would then gradually sleep by normally in that 2 hours..I am the one fall asleep and wake up again to give her a dummy to give it another go..

She has no problem falling asleep by herself during day time ..

Sometimes I wonder if she is too day time she takes only 4oz..but during the last feed..she takes 6oz..she cries if I stop at 4oz..
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