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catnapping, crying and constant feeding? Help!! Lock Rss

My 6 week old seems to want to feed every one and a half hours. When I put him down for a sleep he starts to cry and nothing I do seems to settle him other than picking him up. I've tried rubbing his belly, rocking the bassinette and have even resorted to a dummy, all of which don't work. At night he wakes an hour after his feed, he seems hungry and when I feed him, he only drinks a tiny amount which tells me he isn't hungry. If I am successful in settling him without feeding him, he might sleep another hour, or if I'm lucky, two! Because he is feeding so regularly, he only drinks small amounts but has still put on an obscene amount of weight in the last two weeks. I am bottle feeding him and only breast feeding him in the morning and night as I am in the middle of stopping. I think he also has a cold as he is snuffly- I'm sure my 3 year old has given it to him and myself. He also doesn't burp and I think this might be causing him pain. Are there drops you can put in his milk to help him burp? What can I do to encourage him to sleep longer, feed less frequently and burp?
hey mons,
i am having the same problem with my 3wk old, what u wrote, well i could have written it myself!
well first of i took him to see a paedatrition. she diagnosed him him with silent reflux. he is on medication now, but has so far made only a mild difference. he has a constant need to suck, so i have sore nipples, but have given him a dummy also.
there are a few things you can try. gripe water, but that seems to only work for some, infants friend, that seems to calm my boy. but you bub is old enough to have infacol, that works good for getting wind up. so maybe your bub is colicky, or maybe a bit of reflux. all these things you can buy over the counter at chemist or even supermarket.
as for the sleep thing, i cant offer much more advice than what you are doing...but if you get any magic tips...let me know! i am desperate too!
i am resorting to controlled crying now, just because i cant take it much more, sometimes it works, sometimes not. depends how much pain he is in.
my bub doesnt wind either, prefers to come out rear end! which makes it more uncomfortable for him, do you find that too? i am resorting to topping up with reflux formula now too, just to give my breasts a break and in hope he might sleep just that bit longer!
well i hope i could offer some advice, remember there is light at the end of the tunnel!
I have a 3-month old baby and I diagnosed her to have silent reflux when she was about a month old, based on my research over the Internet. We went to see a GP and paeditrician and they both prescribed Zantac, without really checking her and only relying on my observation. They said Zantac is harmless and very rarely cause adverse side effects for babies. Since then, my daughter has taken Zantac and it has helped her tremendously. Now, she sleeps longer and doesn't wake up screaming unlike before. We've tried to stop giving her Zantac for a week, but it came back, so we started giving it to her again. Our maternal nurse and our GP said it's ok to continue giving it to her as the reflux usually takes awhile to go away. Before we gave her Zantac, she would also have long and frequent feeds since, I think, she was using my breastmilk as an antacid. I can certainly understand that as when I was experiencing heartburn when I was pregnant with her, my solution was to eat so the feeling would go away. Maybe that's what your baby is doing, which is why he's wanting to feed every one and a half hours.
My little man was all over the shop to at that age.....I discovered ROUTINE! It does work! At 7 weeks I started to implement a routine with Jeb as he was only catnapping, wouldn't sleep without a feed......the list goes on. I'm not going to write again what I did but if you look at "Bad day sleeper" and "whats ur routine" both posted by ashtonsmum in this section I have written basically what I did and it worked for me. I too also thought bub had colic or reflux or something wrong but it was fixed by doing this routine. You have to be quite strict in the first week or so but you have to teach bub what they have to do (remember they've never done ANY of this stuff before) I was b/fing when I first started but Jeb has now been on the bottle since 9 weeks. He's now 4 months and compared to the bub I first had in the first 6 weeks he is now 98% angel!!!! Anyway have a read in these post and take what makes you feel good if you like any of it. Just be strong and go with your gut. Good luck smile
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