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To Wrap Or Not To Wrap...?? Lock Rss

I have been reading on the internet that you should stop wrapping babies once they reach 1 month as it restricts their mobility.

My son is 2 months old tomorrow and I still wrap him when he goes to sleep....its not a swaddle wrap but i wrap his arms by his side and its all just loosly not tight.

Just wondering what you think of this issue?? How long did you wrap your babies for??

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

If they like to be wrapped, do it for as long as you both feel comfortable!

1 month old babies are hardly mobile anyway...

My SIL wrapped her son up tight til he was about 1 I reckon..

If he likes it, keep doing it!
My understanding is that you should definitely wrap babies at 1month of age - their moro reflex is still quite strong. I agree with Jennal-J to wrap as long as they like it. I have found with my bub that the wraping is a sleeping cue so when i wrap him he knows its time to sleep.

I'm of the understanding that "technically" you are not suppose to wrap babies once they are rolling. This is because their hands can be caught down the side and they are not able to get them back up etc.

Having said that, my daughter was rolling around the 2 1/2 month mark. She is now 7 months and I still wrap her. She gets her hands out ok when she wants to and as Mait said, she also knows it's time for bed when I wrap her. Until she seems to hate it, I'll keep it up. While I'm sleeping and she is happy, we are all happy LOL!
Thanks for your replies!! They have all made me feel much better! I am still wrapping my little man although he does not sleep long lol Just a real little cat napper during the day and not much better at night. I have tried just putting a sheet over him to sleep and he just throws his arms around. Im out of ideas reallly to help him sleep better so I guess Ill just keep on wappin'!!

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

hi kelly

sorry im late tongue

My son is also almost 2 months old- i used to wrap him every nap/sleep time but gradually decreased it.. now we wrap him at night only and he's learned to associate wrapping with his "big sleep".

I have a theory on wrapping and sleeping based on my experience::

Babies tend to wake themselves with their hands, because they start sucking on them for comfort. once they start sucking on their hands this wakes them up enough to not be able to settle themselves back to sleep. if they are wrapped then they dont suck on their hands, and therefore they tend to sleep for longer. If they are hungry theyll wake regardless.
We wrap our bub at night only, with both his hands together on his chest as they were in the womb. We dont wrap during the day.

When he wakes himself up during the day from his catnapping, that's not a bad thing because he's learning the difference between day and night, if that makes sense.

I have heard that wrapping should be stopped after about the age of 3 months.. but my little man loves it, (he looks like a white chocolate frog) and I think i'll wrap him at night for as long as he wants until he starts thrashing around and hating it! smile

Hope that helps, its just based on my experience. sorry for the long post.

oh, you could try wrapping firmer, with knees bent and pointing to his chest to help with bowel movement and sleeping? this works for my bub.

my partner went to a prenatal dads class thing and the midwife there showed all the dads-to-be how to wrap babies.. and it's alot firmer than most people think.. but that works for my baby and is perfectly safe. they're firmly in position in the womb so they love the familiarity of the wrap.

Sleeps 6hours at night.. wrapping firmer might be helping with that?
Definitely keep doing it as long as your baby likes it, but all babies are different. My friends bub would go to sleep almost instantly when he was wrapped, and was happy with it until he was about 8 months.
My little man hated it. Literally. After he was about 2 weeks old, it didn't matter how loose or tight I wrapped him, where his arms were or what position, he would fight and scream until he had his arms out and free. If he couldn't get them out, he would become almost hysterical (not that I left him too long to try, but you know). So I gave up on it.
He's almost 2 now, and still the same: 90% of the time, he will not go to sleep if he has a blanket on him. I can put it on him after he's asleep, but not before, he'll fight it and kick it off. Why, I don't know, he'll keep it on when he stirs during the night. Maybe he's just weird.
Anyway, keep doing what works for you and your bub!! And good luck!!
Thanks again!!
you have all made me feel better and i believe wrapping him is helping him sleep.
although sometimes he does get both his arms out haha little escape artist!!
thanks again!

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

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