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Jeb's Mum............. HELP!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Please help! I read your routine on feed/play/sleep but need a little clarification. Georgia is just over 5 weeks and her sleep is all over the place. I don't even know if she is hungry bc when I bf she never seems to be full (waking up 1/2 hr yelling for food. However she falls asleep on boob or bottle (whatever she's having). I try to wake her sometimes to no avail but if she does wake she will fall asleep again. So if she does that I put her down sometimes she will sleep until 1 to 1 1/2 hrs sometimes only a catnap
What I would like to know is that when she is sucking with her eyes closed is that considered 'wake time'? What is the importance of the 6 mins and i assume you would time from the moment they start to protest which could only start as a whimper. If before the 6 mins are up and the crying is a all out distressing wail do you still have to wait the 6 mins? Because Georgia will be all sweaty and red and hot by then. Also what do u do when u go in after 6 mins to stoke cheek/head comfrot and the wailing persists or gets worse how long do u persevere before u pick them up. I tried this and Georgia simply would not stop until she was picked up and when I did pick her up she was all swaety and trying to catch her breath. It took almost 2 mins before she would start to stop crying as she was so distressed!
Sorry if I rambled but I am reading all the thanks u r getting and i am DESPERATE. If u would like to contact me via another way my email is [email protected]
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

Are you feed both boob and bottle? Do you try and keep the same amount of time roughly between feeds? If she is falling asleep at the boob then she probably isn't hungry and is using you as a sleep aid. You have to teach her resettle herself. Are you keeping her awake long enough before you put her down for a sleep? 1 - 1 1/2 hours isn't really a catnap so this might be as long as she needs. Under 45 minutes is considered catnapping. Does she 'wake up' after she has finished feeding with her eyes closed? If so then I consider feeding time as 'awake time'.
Yes I start the 6 minutes from when they start to whimper. If she is going to 'feral' I would go in and resettle before she goes to far. When I do go in I put in Jeb dummy, stroke his face or head until he settled then walk out again. If she stops crying straight away if you do pick her up then she is just protesting and there is nothing wrong. If she doesn't settle after a minute of stroking her or light patting then I would pick her up. You'll learn what cries you need to attend to straight away but after a while if she starts ding it all the time then she may just be playing you. Make sure she is tired enough and not over tired when you put her down coz that is the main time she will get distressed. I hope I have helped. Any other questions just ask. You can contact me on MSN or email at [email protected] smile
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