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Colic problems.. Lock Rss

We have a 2 1/2 week old little boy called Charlie,who suffers from really bad colic every morning and evening.

He screams non stop and we can hear his belly rumbling.. It is horrible to watch him go through this pain every day. We hug him and try to burp him but sometimes nothing will soothe him.

Can anyone help us out??

Mum of Charlie 02.12.05

My mum swears by this but whether it works or not is another story. But I guess it can't hurt. She says to get some cooking oil (olive, canola, whatever but NOT peanut or sesame cos could be allergic) and pour it into your hands, rub your hands together to generate heat and then place your palm against the baby's belly and it is supposed to alleviate the pain. Let me know how you go or you could try this method with a clockwise massage on baby's tummy

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

I dunno if it will work, but have you tried giving Charlie some water? It's supposedto help them burp!!!
Hope it gets better soon!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

My daughter has the same problem and it is heart wrenching when you can't do anything for the poor little soles. I tried Infacol and Gripe Water and Boiled water and Massage all were no help. BUT there is help. I visited my doctor after 6 weeks of screaming and crying and he prescribed a MAGIC MEDICINE for her. He also told me to mark three months old on my calander as this is party day. Presumably they get over it at three months. The medicine worked instantly! Don't get me wrong though I still have a few days of trouble with her but nothing like it was. If you would like some more info on the medicine don't hesitate to ask I will be happy to help.

Hope, SA, 3girls Jasmine , Millicent & Phoebe

Hi I have a almost 8 week old baby boy, he used to have trouble bringing up his wind sometimes, i thought he may be a colic baby.

I have tried gripewater, infacol, colic relief, and infants friend. Most of them seem to work. I find that gripewater helps during the day just after a bottle (though he doesn't seem to like the taist) i lie him down in my arms for about 10 minutes then bring him up. This works really well.

Infacol is after the last night feed to get rid of any bellyaches (he loves the taist). Now he sleeps up to 7 hours at night.

The best thing i have found is lying Bailey down (not too long that it makes him bring his milk up), then bring him up and he burps straight away.

If you feed him by a bottle it could also mean you have the wrong teat for his mouth and its letting air in or teat may be too fast.

Good luck.

mel, SA, 15mnth old

My son was the same. I had the midwife in everyday trying to help me. I ended up taking him to the doctors. He gave me Zantac i tell you it was like i had a different baby after 2 day and nights on this stuff. You give it to them before feeds and it does really work. My daughter now that i just had on the 12th of dec she seems to be getting it too so i have got herbal stuff called Infacol wind drops it is working but Infacol relieves infant wind before painful colic can occur so it sounds like it is to late to try this one. Good luck i hope all goes well. Keep me posted on how you go. Andrea.

andrea,vic,3 week baby

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