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Hi guys,

I am mum to Nicholas who is 10 weeks old, he is waking up every three hours during the night. I am about to go back to full time work when he is 12 week old. I think I will be extremely tired working and looking after him at night.

I am just wondering when are babies likely to start to sleep through the night? Is there any way I could get him to sleep longer at night?

Merry x'mas to you all and awaiting to your suggestions.

Hi Jessica,

My little man started sleeping through at about 6wks, he would have his last bottle at about 10:30pm and sleep through till about 5:30-6am.

I would suggest trying to get him to drink more at his last night time bottle, whateva time that is, I found if Aiden woke at 10ish I would get him up give him a bottle and if he refused to drink anymore I would wrap him put him and bed and try and give him more, most of the time he would drink about 50-60mls more.

Hope this helps



Are u still breastfeeding. If so maybe try a bottle of formula.

Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05


I forgot. My first born Kieran slept thru the night at about 3 1/2 months and he was bottle fed but not a big eater. My second Holly is 11 weeks and if I feed her at about 9pm (top her up) she will sleep thru till about 6am. She has only done this twice though. My son Kieran developed bad sleeping habits at 2 years old (when he went into a bed). He is now 3 1/2 and still wakes some nights.


Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05

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