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Growth Spurt Lock Rss

My 3 wk bub, Charlie would not settle at all yesterday. After every feed he would just cry and cry - nothing seemed to work. It wasn't until 9.30 last night, 2 hours after a feed that he went to sleep (with a dummy) and then slept until 5am this morning. He then fell asleep straight away for another 3 hours.

Our clinical nurse said it may have been a growth spurt? Has anyone else had a similar experience.

Mum of Charlie 02.12.05

Hi There,

My little man is now 17wks but when he was about 4wks did a similar thing, how much does he drink? I found the only thing that would settle Aiden was more food! and if he was really bad I would bath him and put him in has pram and walk around the block or if it was late at night I would just walk out the front and he would then settle (after about 1/2 hour or so)!

Hope this helps



My 11 week old daughter does this ofter but she does not cry. Just is happy to stay awake. Yesterday I was out all day and lucky for her to sleep one hour. I got home and thought she would crash for the night after her 6pm feed. WRONG!

I fed her again at 9pm and she slept till 6am. She doesnt cry so it is not as stressful keeping her awake. I cant understand why she doesnt sleep better. Then other days she will sleep wonderfully day and night. I just keep hoping it will change and I hope it will. Feeding her more sometimes makes the matter worse as she gets pain and throws it up.

My first born used to sleep great thru the day but terrible at night!

As for the growth spurt. Holly (my daughter) feeds every three hours (day and night) thru the growth spurt - she doesnt sleep all night.


Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05


My little bub is 7 weeks old and he has gone through a growth spurt at 6 weeks feeding all day / night and not settling or sleeping. Health Nurse told me it lasts for about 2-4 days then it should go back to whatever they were doing before ie feeding every 3 hours etc. I can say my little bub has selttled back down again and I dont feel like im stuck on the couch feeding and feeding !!
Good Luck
Cheers Mel
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