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Unsettled during the daytime! Lock Rss


We have a 4 week old bub, who has alot of trouble settling after his feeds during the day.

He is getting the right amount each feed as we are bottle feeding him EBM, so we know it's not hunger.

Can anyone tell me how much awake time their bubs have each day??? Should you put your baby to bed after their feeds??

I'm confused as after his feeds, I've been told to put him to bed, but when I do, he just screams, sometimes he won't sleep between feeds during the day. Is this normal??

Please help

Mum of Charlie 02.12.05


You could very well find the recommended routine from the "baby whisperer" books of EASY - eat, activity, sleep, you - might work for you.

I had the same problem with Jacob in the early months of him not wanting to settle going to sleep in the day straight after a feed.

Even now as he is approaching 1 - he still has a play after each feed - even after his dinner - for about 15-30 minutes and then he goes to sleep easier.

I know you said your bub is only 4 weeks old - but just another point to remember is that as they get older - they are awake for longer too.

For example I was so exhausted at 6 months because Jacob wasn't going to sleep as easy as he did in the first few months - until MIL made me realise that they become more aware and more active as they get older and hence the routines change for sleep.

But every baby is different too - what works for one may not work for another.

See how you go giving bub a little play time of say 10 minutes of just you and bub after a feed before you try putting down for a snooze - you never know until you try.

Good luck
around this time I was try to keep Jeb awake for anywhere up to an hour (including feed time) I just extended his awake time by 5 minutes each day until we found the right amount of time. After each feed try and keep bub upright as long as possible too to let his tummy settle after a feed. I was told not to let bub go to bed after a feed (except at night time) so they don't associate feeds with sleep. You want your bub to be going to sleep with as little "aids" as possible. Jeb was going between 3-4 hours between feeds at this age and went through a stage of not sleeping at all until I found out about routines. He is now 5 months old and on a routine and sleeping great. Good luck. smile

My second child Holly is not a terrific day sleeper either. She will go off without a problem but wake. She seems to have bad wind pains and this is waking her. The pediatrician said she is a guts and her digestive system is on overload (this was at 8 weeks). I have always had to keep her up for about 20 minutes after a feed as if I lay her down she will be sick. She is getting better but only sleeps for about 45 minutes now then wakes. (she is 11 weeks). She is a fantastic night sleeper though? She is a happy baby that rarely cries. I think all babies are different and routines work with some and not with others. I can say she is getting better though. I have a friend who said until 3 months her baby did this too then the sleeping was better and a routine was more in place. Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel for both of us.

Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05


It seems we have the same problems with our babies! Colic and unsettled during the day.

Millicent is awake for most of the day and night! As she has Colic I havn't even tried to put her into a routine yet as Colic is so unpredictable! She can have a fantastic day where she sleeps for a few hours after each feed then the next day she can be screaming her head off and won't settle at all. I have just been going with the flow and letting her call the shots. Which has worked for me so far. But as she is 12weeks today and I have had two nights without the Magic medicine I will try and get her into some sort of routine now.

If he has got colic don't put him to bed stright after a feed wait atleast 15 min. If he won't settle try holding him in a C position (with his legs right to his chest). This seemed to work for me. And a lot of walking and jiggling. Babies with colic love movement.

Let me know how your going and please if you have any ideas that have worked for you let me know.

Hope, SA, 3girls Jasmine , Millicent & Phoebe


Have you been shown tired signs???

We found that after a feed, and a play that watching our daughter for tired signs worked well.

Clenching of the fists, and jerky arm and leg movements were the main ones.

Once we notice them, we wrap her and put her down and she goes off with out a problem.

If we wait too long and she gets over tired or over stimulated and then she wont go to sleep without being upset
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