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When did ur......... Lock Rss

When did your bub start sleeping through the night???
12 weeks with ds i was lucky
About 3 weeks with dd- maybe having a night feed about 2 or 3 times a fortnight though. Touch wood -I feel lucky!
hayden was 6 weeks to the day when he did for the first time! he did it a few times that week but by 7 weeks he was sleeping through pretty much every night... by sleeping through i mean he would go from 9pm - 5am ish have a feed then go back to bed again until around 7am-8am ish.
about 8 weeks.. whoohooh! Keira had reflux, and once we've figured that out, she slept through the night!
Mine was between 6 & 7 months.
Just want to start by saying every baby is very different on this 'milestone' so please don't take all the early ones as the norm.

My DS slept through from 10 weeks. I did the Gina Ford routine and that worked within 2 weeks. Not for everyone, but we all loved it.

Always did formula for 10.30pm dream feed, although otherwise all breast milk.

Mine didn't until they were 8 months if you count 6am wakeup as "through the night"

Sleeping through is a developmental milestone that all babies reach in their own time, much like rolling over and crawling. Sleeping through is classed as any ONE stretch where baby sleeps for 5 hours.

DS1 was about 6 months the first time, but consistently it was more like 10 or 11 months. DS2 slept through (7:30-6:30) at 7 months, but by 7.5 we were back to night wakings and 2 weeks after that he had his first teeth. We're still trying to get back to sleeping through and some nights are better than others.

For all those "early" ones who are STTN, be aware that there can be a 6-9 month sleep regression and babies who previously slept through may stop doing this.


I am one of the REAL lucky ones. MyDS started at about 5 weeks and slept a few nights in a row all night, then had about a week of 5-6 hours and now at 9 weeks he sleeps from 6-9 every night and then after a feed at 6 goes back down for another couple of hours.
Thought I'd even it up a bit wink DD1 didnt sleep one night through until she was 20 mths. DD2 was about 22 mths smile

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Still waiting for it to happen. Casey slept through from 6pm to 5 am once (on my birthday) his is now 6mths old. I am also wondering when will it happen??? Just have to be patient I suppose. I wont happen overnight but it will happen. He still feeds 3 times a night 2 bf and 1 bottle.


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