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Hi guys,

When I try to put my son Nicholas (3 months) to sleep in the day time, the only way he can sleep longer more than one hour is when he sleeps on his tummy. I am keeping an close eye on him and he also has got a very strong neck. Does it matter if he can only sleep this way during the day?

Welcome your comments and suggestions.

Many thanks!

Hi Jess,

Just to put your mind at rest the first thing I'd recommend would be to contact your local SIDS office - not sure where you are from - but if you enter SIDS into your seach engine on the internet - you may very well find the local office in your area.

I know the main recommendations are not to use cot bumpers and not to have any toys in the cot that could potentially suffocate the child.

My son was 6 months when he first started rolling in the cot on his own and I was scared but because he learnt to do this on his own I couldn't stop him - I just made sure I followed the guidelines as set out by SIDS.

I guess the only other advice I can offer you is just to make sure that when he sleeps on his tummy his head is facing to the left or the right so this nose and mouth aren't obstructed. I found with Jacob that he slept like this instinctively (I was afraid he'd sleep with his face down into the mattress!).

If this is the only way your baby sleeps for you then you do whatever works for you and baby - but as I said to put your mind at rest - contact your local SIDS office, explain your situation and they will give you the recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jess

i have an 8week old boy, he likes to sleep on his tummy and it helps him sleep longer.
I am not prepared to let him sleep on his stomach at night because i can not check on him like i would during the day. So he only sleeps on his stomach during the day.
Sleeping on his stomach i have noticed its helped him get a really strong neck. He is 8 weeks and he can hold his own head up.
I can not understand why the hospital says the only way to sleep is on their back, when if they throw up during the night they can choke on it. If they are on their stomach the only thing they are gonna do is wipe it all over their face.

mel, SA, 15mnth old

Hi Jess,
My son Ethan is 12 weeks now and still prefers to sleep on his tummy, he will sleep on his back all night and then around 5ish he will only settle if laid on his tummy, he too has a strong neck, I think as long as you watch him, and make sure that his nose is clear of the mattress and all blankets, and dummy if he has one should not be pushed against his nose.....then I think it's fine....just make sure that you check on him regularly...



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