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wont sleep by him self Lock Rss

my son is a week and 4 days old and wont sleep by him self i put him to bed and he wake up 10 mins later every time he sleeps fine in his pram but at night he will not sleep unles he is in bed with me the longest ive got him to sleep by him self is 4 hours what should i do
Hi Crazy_Crazy,

This might be hard at first but you need to let him go back by himself, does he have a dummy? My little man used to do the same thing and I used a dummy to resettle him in his bed, you can also use the controlled crying method (this is hard at first) speak to your clinic nurse about this, but he will soon learn to resettle himself.

hope this helps.. Let me know how you go.

We have a 4 week old bub, we have been doing the controlled crying for about 2 weeks now, sometime it works other times it doesn't, when he doesn't settle between feeds we give him a cuddle/bath and offer him some water.

This happens to him around 2 feeds everyday, it's very hard to hear him cry, but if you can handle the controlled crying it does work.

Mum of Charlie 02.12.05

My son will sleep by himself for the first block at night then wakes feeds and wants to get into bed with me. Any other opinions on co-sleeping as advice from midwives etc is conflicting. It works for us as we both get decent sleep. I have let him sleep in with me since the hospital and he is now 6 weeks old.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

hi, mine was the same at that age and still is at 11wks so if you found a method plz let me no

nadine,wa,baby boy 3/1/06

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