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settling to sleep Lock Rss

I have a 18 month year old girl, who sleeps very late at night up to about 10.30.

The only way to get her to sleep is to get her in bed with me and eventually falls asleep half an hour later.

Katherine, VIC, baby girl

Hi Katherine,
I believe for your own sanity that controlled crying is the way to go to break this habit. You may find it a little harsh to have her crying but with perseverence and hard work in the short term you should be able to get some long term benefits.
Our eldest went through a period of fighting sleep at night so we basically stopped any social life we had for a week or two and worked hard on getting her to bed at 7pm. My husband and I would not survive without a little time to ourselves each night to catch up with each other without our daughter about.
We decided that 7pm was a reasonable time for her to go to bed and every single night we would have the same routine - dinner at 6pm, bath at 6:30 and bed at 7pm. Decide on a routine that suits you and stick with it. It is so easy to give in but makes it harder in the long run for you.
We would put her in bed at 7pm after a story with her bottle on the lounge. She would cry and we would leave her for 5 mins, go back in and settle her, let her cry for 10 mins, settle her etc adding an extra 5 mins each time. After a week we were only going in once and we continued the routine for another 2 weeks until she began to settle herself. Now all we do is pop her into her bed (we put her in a bed at 18mths and had no problems because we had the routine set), kiss her good night and close the oor behind us.
I can not emphasise the fact that it is hard work and often heart-breaking but hopefully you should get some positive benefits out of it.
Good luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Kathrine, Try giveing her something special each morning if she goes to be on her own for you it will need to be something she loves.You cant give her her special treat at all though only if she does the right thing you would be suprised how kids take to getting something special.And make a big deal about it when she does goto bed on her own.If she wont go down for you try bathing a little later with some lavander oil in it maby take her in and read a book so that she knows after her book its bed time and also it helps to have the house quiet about an hour before bedtime she will get used to it and know its soon bed time.If there is a show you watch on tv about the time you want her to goto bed just keep reminding her that after this show its bed time and as soon as its finished take her in and put her down..I hope this helps i feel for you i had one the same he is 9 now and didnt sleep all night untill her was 6....Email me if you like i got lots of ideas that might [email protected]

Lisa NSW 5th baby

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