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my daughter is 3wks old she's very windy and cant sleep.
just wondering if any1 has any suggestionsto help her part with the wind?



keeping her slighty upright will help her sleep a bit better, you can go out and buy gripe water giver her that or any of the other wind products but yeah my ds was the smae and hes almost 3 months and still gets it hopefully he will gorw out of it very soon, i give him lots of ribs and knees up to the chest he actually enjoys the knees up lol very cute but thats another story...try not to let her cry to often as well if you can help it because that will just give her more wind.
hopes this helps!
my first 2 were windy babies, we found trying to keep them slightly upright when going down for a sleep helped. burping them well after a feed and not letting them cry too much helped too and my husband had little leg cycles down to an art. if bub is old enough there is also infacol, it helps the wind to form one big bubble in their stomachs instead of lots of little ones so its easier to get out.
Hi Karli,

I have a 3 week old boy and i am currently experiencing the same thing, but i have been advised to use infant friend wind drops, you can use this if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, i have used it on my boy and he sleeps much better now, and i make sure i get a good burp out of him before he goes to sleep.

Good luck

I have been experiencing the same problem with my newborn, I had tried everything from Infacol to propping him up in his cot and nothing was working, one of my friends suggested changing bottles from Avent to the NUK. I honestly didn't think it would work so I put it off for awhile, but I finally changed over and I have absolutely no problem what so ever with his wind !!! I couldn't believe that it fixed it. I thought I had the best bottles because they claimed to be anti colic, but the NUK ones work better for him. I would give it a go, anything is worth a try...

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My DD is 3 weeks old and has the same problem - as well as keeping her upright as much as possible, the main thing that works the best for us is to heat up a wheat bag in the microwave and put it across her tummy when she's sleeping. (You can buy wheat bags at most chemists). In hospital the midwives told me that heat on their tummy eases wind pains, and also makes them feel like they are having a big cuddle (ie similar to warmth when being held). Good luck!

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