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Baby not settling between feeds! Lock Rss

My 17 day old bubby is just not settling down between feeds, I try everything, changing her nappy, checking she isn't too hot/cold. rocking her, walking the hallway, singing to her.
No matter what, she will not go to sleep unless she is tucked up in bed next to me, and that takes alot of time out of my day!
Has this happened to anyone? Are there any tips or hints that anyone has?


This happened to me, still does but I don't mind.

Posted by: Bee_Bee
No matter what, she will not go to sleep unless she is tucked up in bed next to me

Is that at all surprising? She has been growing inside you for 9 months feeling warm, safe and secure and she has now been thrust into a cold, loud strange world that she doesn't yet understand........all she knows is you, your voice and the beating of your heart.

and that takes alot of time out of my day!

Is this really that big a problem? Too many women today are trying to be superwoman and that is just not attainable. I spent the first 2 months of DS2s life "chained" to the sofa/bed.

Are there any tips or hints that anyone has?

A sling or a front pack is good for carrying bubs around but allowing your hands to be free to "get on" with other things. Remember as well that you need time to adjust to parenthood and to recover from the birth. I felt great after I gave birth to DS2, but I ended up with mastitis because I tried to do too much too soon. Spend those first few weeks getting to know and enjoy your new baby......the rest can wait.


Hey my little girl is 2wks and 2days old and has just started doing the same thing. She has been in hospital the last week, having picked up group B strep (very scary) but now that shes back home is doing the same. I have figured that she had alot of wind that she couldnt bring up and after winding her for about an hour at a time!!! she seems to settle, may be though that she was just wanting to be close to her mum, but yea try winding her lying on your leg on her tummy with your hand under her chin maybe it will help, maybe it wont but worth a try. Its slowly working for me smile
Some-thing else to keep in mind is you have to teach them pretty much every-thing. They only know what you expose them to, so make sure you do what you are prepared to do. s

I think an important thing to keep in mind is consisitency. If you are quickly changing things to try and settle, its probably going to make them more unsettled - particularly if you are worried or stressed about it.

Having said that, with a bub only 17 days old you are still working things out for yourself so it can be very difficult to be consistent and confident. I would make subtle changes until you come across some-thing that works, or you get them into the habit you want (ease them into it).

Best of luck, its very normal so don't be hard on yourself.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Don't worry to much, this unsettled time is not forever. You can't expect too much for a 2 week old. maybe get a baby bjorn front pack thing to pop bubs in, its just like holding them and carrying them around and she might get a bit of rest.. and you too. My baby used to only want to sleep with me in my arms, thats what i ended up doing in the end. After about 6 weeks things with settle down a bit and she will probably sleep in her own bed. My DS slept with me for the first 2 months (much to my horror!!), then i tried his cot and he was ok with that and that is where he is now (at 3 months). They change all the time and develop every day. So just do what you need to do to get you through the day, it will get better, even though it might feel like it won't. I used to lie with bubs, then when he looked pretty well asleep, i'd escape and do what i had to do, he rarely noticed. Leave your PJs right next to him.
hi there

i have a 5wk old baby girl who did the same thing. she's a very windy baby who just doesnt want to let the wind out. i talked to my child health nurse and she told me to use 0.1ml of infacol with all her feeds ( if BF but directly into bubs mouth after feed) till she is 1month then use 0.2mls it worked for me bubs settles alot easier now. hope this helps



I have a 3 week old little boy who is the same.

I found that the reason he is unsettled is because he has wind/tummy pains.

I have been using the Gripe Water and found that when I give him this, he pretty much settles in a few minutes.

I also raised his mattress in his bassinet so that it slopes, ie. lifting his head above his feet. They also suggest you do this in his pram and his change table.

Huggies have some good suggestions in their colic/reflux section.

Also, try & put your little one to be whilst they are still awake, that way they are settling themselves to sleep setting up the basis for a good sleeping pattern. If they wake during feeds, try not to pick them up. I find rubbing the bit between their brows and his forehead will usually settle him down and a gentle pat on his tummy.

When your little one is unsettled, do they pull their legs up to their tummy? Do you wrap him/her when she goes to bed?

If anyone is looking for a good book to read, try "Understanding Your Crying Baby" by Sheila Kitzinger. It's a great read and has some very useful insights. I borrowed my copy from the local library, am in the process of reading it again.

do you wrap her when you put her down for a sleep? i found that at first DS wouldn't sleep unless he was wrapped, then slowly we stopped wrapping him during the day and now just wrap him at night.

if she enjoys being cuddled up with you in bed, maybe it is because it is nice and warm, you could try to pop a hot water bottle in her cot and then take it out when you put her in, so she has the warmth while she falls asleep.

i always try to put DS in his cot as soon as i notice he has tired eyes, is yawning or his arms start jerking about. if i let him get too tired that is it, he will not go to sleep!!!

and i know its hard to not tidy up, but try to ignore the housework as much as possible!!!

good luck!

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