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Controlled Comforting/Crying under 6 Months Rss

Hi Jasmine

Thanks for the reply. Tayla is never awake for more than 2 hours(unless we are on a outing or something). I think it is just the fact that she never sleeps long enough and therefore is always still tired even though shes had a sleep! On a positive note though, there has been a few times lately where she has gone off to sleep by herself without making much of a fuss. I think i just need to stick to what im doing and all will come good.No more rocking, i am taking a stand! I had a look at the website you mentioned and it is great thanks.
By the way i saw lachlan in the yahoo site and he is gorgeous!
Hi Lovely Lara

After reading all of the posts on this topic - I am beginning to really feel sorry for you. My son doesn't like sleeping for very long during the day either but recently I have decided I need to be a bit more strict on him and just let him cry for up to 10 mins before I go in and settle him. Most of the time he is not fully crying - more like just grizzling and I can't make it to 10 mins so will go in a bit earlier and it does seem to help.

He also wakes a lot after 20 mins ... a friend of mine has recently been to the Plunket Centre for a day and was told that a lot of babies do wake after 20 mins but just need to be resettled then should go back to sleep for a longer period of time. Have you tried resettling your little girl after the 20 mins? I used to pick my son up thinking he was wide awake, but now I resettle him and he does go back to sleep for about 1 & 1/2 hours.

anyway not sure that I'm any help but as for the topic of this post - I believe that it is OK to use the controlled comforting/crying for babies under 6 months - it seems to work for me.

Good luck. smile

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Hi Lara,

How are things going? Have you had much improvement with your baby's sleeping?

I just read "debs" response. Olivia used to (and occasionally still does) wake up after about 20 minutes as well. I also used to make the mistake of thinking she wanted up. Now I know better and use settling techniques to get her to calm down and go back to sleep. Sometimes it's as easy as popping her dummy in and she drifts off to la la land.

Hi Bri

Things are starting to get better now.Most of the time Tayla will be asleep within 10mins.She does always wake up after 20mins, and i try to resettle.Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.I think i just need to be a bit more persistant with that though. On the whole things are so much better already.I thought it would never happen.
Sometimes i wish she would take a dummy(she wont have a bar of them!).It would make it easier to resettle her, but at least i wont have to phase it out later i guess.
Hi Lara,

That's terrific news that Tayla is settling better. Hopefully she'll learn to settle herself when she wakes after 20 mins soon too. It must be such a relief for you.

Keep us up to date with how your going?

Hi Again Bri

I was wondering if you think its worth me resettling her after a 40 min sleep? It seems to be a lot harder than a 20 min one! Surely a 40 mins sleep is not enough for a bub? Maybe i just have a catnapper.What do you think?
Hi Lara

Great to hear that Tayla is settling a bit more easily. Lachlan would never take a dummy either!!! He also used to wake up after about 20 mins and sometimes I'd be able to settle him back to sleep but usually he was wide awake and ready to go again smile . I'm happy to say he has become a lot more settled as he gets older. Hopefully Tayla will too.

All the best
Jasmine smile
Hi Lara,

Olivia still wakes up sometimes after only 40 mins. I usually do try to resettle her now but it doesn't always work. I think I've figured it out. I rewrap her if she's worked her way out, pop her dummy in and start stroking her head. If her eyes droop a bit and she still looks tired I persevere (spelling??) with the settling. If she's wide awake and smiling at me I get her up.

Sometimes 40 minutes is all Olivia will need for her afternoon sleep, other times she'll sleep for 2 hours.

Sounds like your doing much better.

I saw Tayla's picture on the yahoo site. She's gorgeous!

Yeah, she's too cute for her own good! Are you going to put some pictures up? smile
I put a picture of Olivia at 3 months.

I've also got a website for Olivia -

How's Tayla's nighttime sleeping going?

Hi Briony

I saw the pictures of Olivia, and also checked out the website- she is one cute bub!!
Tayla's nightime sleeping is going very well(touch wood). She has always been a better sleeper at night. She goes down about 7.00 and i give her a dream feed when i go to bed(10 or 10.30), then she wakes for a feed about 3.30 and goes back to sleep till 6.30 or 7.00. Im a big believer in the dream feed or i'd always look and feel like a zombie! Im still working on stretching the days sleeps a little longer though, because she only gets about 3 hrs sleep a day which is not really enough at her age. I think that maybe her day sleeps will improve a lot when we move into a house(in 3 weeks). At the moment we are living in a block of townhouses and its not exactly quiet.We have businesses all around us, and this young couple next door who like to party all the time and slam doors!! Take care, oh and how old is Olivia now?
Hi Lara,

Thanks for that. She normally is a cutie but is teething at the moment so she's looking rather miserable. )o:

Sounds like things are going better for you! That's great (o:

I tried to do the dream feed a few times but Olivia would only drink about 30mls so it wasn't really worth it and she sleeps thru the night without it now anyway.

You could be right about the noise disturbing Tayla's sleep. Hopefully when you move she'll improve.

Olivia will be 15 weeks tomorrow. How old is Tayla?

I also received an email from MaryB this morning. She said that things are much better with Michaels sleeping too.

Good luck with your move.......

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