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Controlled Comforting/Crying under 6 Months Rss

Hi Briony

Tayla is 20 weeks on friday, they grow so quickly!
Wow, i cant believe Olivia is teething this early on.There are no signs of Tayla teething yet, although she does always suck her fist and loves to put everything in her mouth.(Guess thats what babies do though!)
I started her on solids about 4 weeks ago but she's not overly interested, so she still really only has a solid breakfast and thats it.
Im glad MaryB's bub is sleeping better. Oh sleep, how wonderful it is.I cant wait to sleep thru the night again....

Olivia's first tooth cut through the gum this morning, hooray. I got my teeth at about the same time as Olivia. She's still miserable though because another one is on it's way too. Hopefully it'll cut through tomorrow. I'm so happy that teething hasn't affected her nightime sleeping! She is still sleeping straight through. I've only had to get up to her 2 nights to pop her dummy back in.

I'm going to start Olivia on solids this weekend.

It sounds like we are all doing much better sleep wise. Just wait till Tayla sleeps through the night and you wake up in a panic and run to her room, Ha Ha. I did that the first time.


I know this is a late reply, but I only found out about this site a few days ago.

I took my baby to "Sleep-school" when she was 3 weeks old. Where she learned to go to sleep in her bed, by herself. The said that 3 weeks is definately not too early.

Grace was never bad, when she selpt, she slept well, it was just a bit of a problem to get her to go to sleep.

What we did was: as soon as she showed tired signs (very important part, to not let her get over-tired), we put her to bed, then left the room. If she skreamed (we waited a little while), we went back in and settled her. We did not pick her up, talk to her or look at her (didn't look her in the eyes, or let her se us looking at her) in other words, minimal stimulation. We would rock the bassinet and "pat" her, until she settled, and then leave the room again, with her awake. The deal was for her to stay in her bed for 2 hours, sleeping or not. It only took a few days for her to learn. Now we only have to go back in occationally. We find that she settles much better if she is left alone. She is now 7 1/2 weeks and sleeps very well.

There was a couple of the kids at the "Sleep-school" who screamed for the whole 2 hours, but the second sleep, they went to sleep much better. It may be really hard in the start, but it pays of. I was lucky, Grace was easy to teach, and it was not too hard at all, the most it took was 30 minutes.

Good luck to anyone trying this.
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